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Barry University School of Law Library: Study Aids

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Study Aids

Study Aid Locations

Print editions of study aids are available on the 3rd floor in the general collection and on reserve at the Circulation Desk. Older editions check out for 30 days and those on reserve are available to check out for 4 hours

Online editions are available from AspenLexisSpaced Repetition, and West Academic. Students have unlimited access through the library's digital collections.

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Online Study Aid Collections

Access to each of the four study aid collections is available through the links below. More information about the collections, including series titles, additional features, and access can be found in the Collections at a Glance box (right). Guides to the collections are also available (right) to help users navigate the resources. When creating your personal account for Study Aid Collections, always use your Barry student email.

Aspen Learning Library

Online collections include: CrunchTime series, Emanuel Law Outlines, Examples & Explanations series, Glannon Guides, Bar Review, and more.


  • On campus: You may be prompted to login with your Barry credentials, which is your school email address and the password used to login to your student email, Canvas, etc. If you are taken directly to the Aspen Learning Library, the text "You are logged into Barry University" should be displayed near the top of the page. 
  • Off campus: In order to access your account through remote login, you must have a personalized account. To create a personalized account, login to the institution from a web browser while on campus – you cannot create a personalized account from any app. Click “Register” and create your username and password. 
    • View the document below for instructions about creating your personal account.
    • Please contact if you experience any login issues. 

Bar Review Collection: Graduates have access to the Aspen Learning Library's bar resources. For access, please contact the library at

Emanuel Law in a Flash (Spaced Repetition)

Flash card collections include: Civil Procedure, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence, Torts, and more. 


  • View the PDF below for instructions on how to set up your personal account. 
  • Please use your Barry email to register. 

Lexis Digital Library

Online collections include: Mastering series, Questions & Answers (Q&A) series, Skills & Values, Understanding series, and Understanding titles in audio format


  • Login with your Barry credentials. Your username is the beginning of your Barry email before and the password is the same used to login to your student email, Canvas, etc. 
    • Example: If your Barry email is, your username is first.last
  • PLEASE NOTE: The Lexis Digital Library and LexisNexis (research database) use different login credentials.
  • Use BarryLawSchool if you are prompted for a library code.

West Academic Study Aids

Online collections include: Acing series, Black Letter Outlines, Concepts and Insights, Concise Hornbook series, Hornbooks, Nutshells, Short & Happy Guides, Sum & Substance Audio series, and more.


  • Login with your Barry credentials. Your username is you Barry email and the password is the same used to login to your student email, Canvas, etc. 
  • Create a personal account to access additional features.

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Study Aids Workshop

This workshop provides an introduction to the study aids, both in print and online, available to students. Our Reference Librarians walk students through an overview of available series, access information, as well as additional features to get the most out of the collections. 

Study Aids Workshop recording (August 24, 2022)

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Report an Electronic Resource Issue


Please contact if you experience any login issues with an online study aid collection. Be sure to include which resource you are unable to access, along with screenshots of any error messages you encounter.

You will receive a response from a librarian, who may ask for additional information regarding your issue. You may also request to set up a virtual meeting with a librarian, during which you may be asked to share your screen as we look into the issue.

Please note that if you report an issue outside of the department's regular hours, you will not receive a response until the library reopens the following day/week. 


There are also a few steps you can take to see if the issue will resolve itself:

  • Be sure your Barry password has not recently expired. If so, reset:
  • When creating your personal account for Study Aid Collections, always use your Barry student email.
  • Clear your browser’s cookies/cache and attempt to login again.
  • If you are remote, login to before accessing the library's website.
  • Use Chrome or Firefox browsers when accessing the collections. Microsoft Edge is not compatible with many of the library's resources.
  • Create a personal account to access the Aspen Learning Library collection remotely. See the Aspen Learning Library section above for more information.

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Collections at a Glance

Available series:

  • Glannon Guides feature conversational style explanations with hypotheticals and questions & answers.
  • Emanuel Law Outlines includes a comprehensive overview of the subject area, as well as exam tips and quizzing features. 
  • Examples & Explanations provides hypothetical problems with explanations.
  • Inside series features treatises with FAQs, charts, and lists.
  • Emanuel CrunchTime features flow charts and summaries, as well as exam tips and example questions.

Additional series: Friedman's Practice, In Other Words (audio & video), Jumpstart

Additional features:

  • Offline reading available with iPublishCentral Reader app
  • Sign in to your personal account to access the collection remotely, take notes, highlight text, and favorite titles for easy access

Available subjects:

  • Civil Procedure
  • Constitutional Law
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law
  • Criminal Procedure
  • Evidence
  • Real Property
  • Torts
  • Wills & Trusts

Additional features:

  • Create custom decks
  • Cram mode allows you to study all your cards with no limits
  • Add MPRE deck free of charge (Instructions below in User Guides section)

Available series:

Additional series: The Florida Colorbook collection includes five volumes with statutory guidance and analytical insights in the areas of Civil Practice Law & Rules, Commercial Law, Criminal Statutes & Rules, Family Law, and Real Property Law.

Additional features:

  • eBook annotation features
  • Tag titles for easy access
  • App for offline reading

Available series:

  • Acing series provides brief overviews, flowcharts, and practice problems & solutions.
  • Concepts and Insights are mini-treatises with discussions and analyses of principle concepts. 
  • Concise Hornbooks are simplified versions of Hornbooks with comprehensive coverage of the most crucial issues.
  • Exam Pro series builds exam skills with sample questions and model answers. 
  • Hornbooks are treatises that provide in-depth analysis of various law topics. 
  • Nutshells provide concise introductions to a topic or field of law. 
  • Short & Happy Guides explain legal principles, practices, and policies in terms you can grasp quickly.
  • Sum and Substance Audio lectures provide an overview of important topics in each subject area. 

Additional series: Black Letter Outlines, Bridge to Practice, Building Skills, Career Guides, Developing Professional Skill, Flash Cards, Gilbert Law Summaries, Global Issues, Law School Legends Audio series, Law Stories, Legalines, Office Hours, Quick Reviews

The West Academic collection also includes academic, bar, and career success titles. 

Additional features:

  • Audio options for select Short & Happy Guide, High Court Case Summaries, and career guide titles
  • Mobile app for offline reading
  • Multiple choice quizzes for select Exam Pro titles
  • Sign in to your personal account to take notes, highlight text, and favorite titles for easy access

User Guides