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Barry University School of Law Library: Reserve a Study Room

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Reserve a Study Room

Study Rooms

Book a Study Room

  1. Reserve: Book your study ​room online or at the library's reservation computer (located at the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor).
  2. Confirm: Confirm your booking ​within 24 hours ​via email​.
  3. Check In: Check in & pick up the study room ​key from the ​Circulation Desk on the 1st Floor.

Not sure which room to book? Check out the Study Room Guide below. 

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Study Room Reminders & Guidelines

  • Study rooms are available for checkout on any day that the Law Library is open, in accordance with the current School of Law calendar.
  • Study rooms are available for up to 4 hours per day, per student and can be booked up to one week in advance.
  • If a group or individual will be more than 15 minutes late for their booking, they must call the Law Library (321-206-5700) to notify staff – if groups do not call to notify staff, their room will be forfeited and the reservation automatically cancelled.
  • If a group has multiple reservations for a room, please remember to return to the Circulation Desk and check in for each reservation. If you do not check in, your reservation will be automatically cancelled. 
  • Occasionally, faculty, staff, or administrators may reserve study rooms, but such reservations are only allowed when they will not significantly impact study room availability for Barry Law students.
  • Discussion is permitted within study rooms; though the volume should not be heard outside of the room.
  • Law Library staff is not responsible for items left in rooms unattended.
  • Cooperation and courtesy are required. If you are unable to resolve a dispute over use of the room, please seek staff assistance at the Circulation Desk.
  • Food is not allowed and drinks must be in covered containers only. Rooms must be left in clean condition. 
  • If the key is not returned, students will be fined $150 replacement fee.
  • Students who intentionally and repeatedly violate study room policies risk being banned from reserving a group study room.

Please review our Study Room Policy on the Policies page (Policies are subject to change).

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Study Room Guide

Room # Location Max. # of Occupants Additional Features
101-A (Conference Room) 1st floor 12 Whiteboard, Projector, Window
101-B 1st floor 4 Whiteboard, TV, Window
101-C 1st floor 4 Whiteboard, TV, Window
101-D 1st floor 12 Whiteboard, TV, Window
101-E 1st floor 4 Whiteboard
201-B 2nd floor 4 Whiteboard, TV, Window
206 2nd floor 6 Whiteboard
304 3rd floor 4 Whiteboard

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Noise Levels

Each of the library's three floors allows for different noise/conversation levels, lowering in volume as you move higher in the building. Noise levels may fluctuate during the day depending on activities scheduled in the Law Library. Patrons bothered by excessive noise should contact a library employee at either the Circulation Desk or seek a reference librarian. Law Library employees are authorized to resolve any noise complaints.

Please visit the Policies page for more information.

1st Floor - Moderate Noise

The first floor is the most active with the lobby, computer lab, and collaboration spaces. Conversations are allowed as long as voices are kept respectful to others studying.

2nd Floor - Quiet Whispering 

While there are areas for group study and collaboration, the noise level is reduced from what is expected on the 1st floor. 

3rd Floor - Complete Silence

Total silence is expected on the third floor, which includes individual study carrels and no collaboration space. 

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