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Barry University Photograph Collection: University Presidents, Faculty, Administrators and Others


This series includes photographs of people who have been fundamental in the development of Barry. In order to better reflect its content, the series has been divided into the following sub-series:

Sub-Series A: Founders

Sub-Series B: Barry Family

Sub-Series C: Monsignor William Barry

Sub-Series D: Presidents

Sub-Series E: Dominican Sisters

Sub-Series F: Barry Clergy

Sub-Series G: Board of Trustees

Sub-Series H: Administration

Sub-Series I:  Faculty

Sub-Series J: Staff

Sub-Series K: Friends and Benefactors

Sub-Series L: Campus Visitors

 The images available at this site are in a lower quality, high quality images are also available, and for publication additional cost can be required.

Container List

Series II: University Presidents, Faculty, Administrators and Others

Sub-series A: Founders    

 Box     Files

 2          Barry, Patrick, Bishop

            Barry, Gerald, Mother O.P.

            Thompson, John

            Green, Gonzaga, O.P. (First Prioress)

 Sub-Series B: Barry Family

 3          Homestead, County Clare, Ireland

            Immediate Family

            Family at Msgr. Barry’s Jubilee, 1960

            Barry Family

            Priest Nephews

Sub-Series C: Monsignor William Barry

 4          1910 – 1960’s

            Golden Jubilee, 1960

            Group portraits, n.d.

 Sub-Series D: Presidents

 5          Genevieve Weber, Mother O.P.

            Presidents Together

6          Dorothy Browne, O.P., 1950-80

7          Trinita Flood, O.P., 1959-92

8-8A    Jeanne O’Laughlin, OP, 1981-2004

8B       Linda Bevilacqua, O.P., 1959-


Sub-Series E: Dominican Sisters

 9          Albert-Moore

10        Morman-Weber

            Non-Adrian Sisters

11.       Group Faculty Portraits 1950’s-1990’s

            Barry Alums – Adrians


Sub-Series F: Barry Clergy

 12        Burke, C.-Zapata, L.

            Group Pictures

 Sub-Series G: Board of Trustees

 14        Abagnale-Wilkowsi

            Lay Advisory Board, 1962

            Board of Governors, n.d.

Sub-Series G: Administration

 15        Armesto-Weyman

 Sub-Series I: Faculty

 15A     Alexandrakis-Waters

            Dr. Rock Band

 Sub-Series J: Staff

 16        Early Staff


            Institutional Adv.

            University Relations

            Security Staff

            Physical Plant 

            Learning Center


            Identity Unknown


Sub-Series K: Friends and Benefactors

17           Andreas-Gramm        

17B     Posner, Paul

            Walsh, Bryan O.

18        Hesburgh-Wolf

            Honorary Degrees


Sub-Series L: Campus Visitors

19        Alesky-Wolfe 



        Bishop Patrick Barry       Mother Gerald Barry       Mother Gerald & Msgr. Barry


        Msgr. William Barry                               John G. Thompson

Barry Family


                                                                      Barry Family                                                            


 Architect Gerald A. Barry



 Mother Gerald Barry                 Sr. G.Green, first Prioress         Mother Genevieve Weber


Sr. Dorothy Browne, 1963-1974                                Sr. Trinita Flood, 1975-1981


 Sr. Jeanne O'Laughlin, 1981-2004                     Sr. Linda Bevilacqua, 2004-

Dominican Sisters


                   Group portraits                                 Sr. Maura Phillips      Sr. A Louise & A Marie                


Barry Clergy


Rev. Louis O'Leary & J.F. Egan            Cyril Burke, Chaplain


              Fr. John Monroe                                       John O'Grady


       Thomas Clifford                                        Mark Wedig

Board of Trustees


                             Meeting of the Board of Trustees


                 Vivian Decker                                              Maurice Ferre


                 Tibor Hollo                                              Kirk R. Landon

Administration, Faculty, Staff


                   Early Faculty Group                                  Dr. Charles Southerland     


             Dr. Stephen Koncsol                                Faculty group portrait


                    Nursing faculty group                                         Physical plant


                  Physical plant                                                       Coaches



     Podiatric Medicine and administrators        Human Performance & Leisure Sc.

Friends and Benefactors


           Mrs. Margaret Brady Farrell                  Mrs. Mabel D. Kelley 


            Dwayne & Inez Andreas                               Broad Shepard        

Campus Visitors


           President Clinton                                                     Cristobal Colon


                Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow                            Cardinal Jaime Ortega



                          Albert Hirschensohn                                          Bud Greespan