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Barry University Photograph Collection: Events


This series includes photographs of a wide variety of events. The series is divided into three sub-series:

Sub-Series O: Graduation

Sub-Series P: Events various

Sub-Series Q: Special Events

 The images available at this site are in a lower quality, high quality images are also available, and for publication additional cost can be required.

Container List

Series VI: Events

 Sub-Series O: Graduation

 Box     Files

 33-36A1940’s-2004 May.      

36A     Undated

36C     1985-1995 oversize

Sub-Series P: Events various

 36 B    Arbor Day

            Living Flame

            One Peace at a Time

            May Crowning

            Pan American Day


            Bicentennial 1976

            Tara Singers- Dated

            Tara Singers, n.d.

            Christmas Oratorio

            Lichtenstein Circus

37       Octoberfest '73                               

            Archdiocesan Training, 1993

            WPB Meeting, 1981                           

            Flea Market, 1983                              

            Aids Rally

            Pan American Ball, 1986                   

            Awards, Ground Crew

            Party on the Green, 1986-91         

            Unidentified Programs

            Faculty/Staff Picnic, 1990                 

            God Yes, Drugs No Rally, 1991       

            Unidentified Socials

            Honor’s Convocation, 1991–

            Presentations/Awards, 1995

            Hats off Luncheon 1992-97

           Post Andrew Cleanup, 1992

            WBRY Opening, 1992

            President’s Conference, 1993-94

            Best Buddies, 1993-95

            Mid-East Conference, 1994

            International Day, 1997

            Pockets of Pride, 1993

            Post Andrew Cleanup

            Frosh Convocation 1993-96

38        World Aids Day 1995-97

            Flower Planting, 1997

            Wellness Day

            Johnny Appleseed Award, 1996

            Volunteer’s Lunch

            Boat Trip

            Miccosukee Social, 2002-03

            Pumpkin Carving


            Mid-East Conference, 1996

            Christmas in February, 1999

            Summer Swim Classes

            Black History Week

            Santa Maria La Antigua


39        All American Bbq, 1995

            Archbishop Favalora Mass in Chapel

            Barry Belles, 1996

            Freshman Convocation, 1996

            License Plates, 1996

            Ice Cream Social, 1994-96

            Job Fair, 1996

            Singing For Inez, 1995

            Kostka-Widener Dedication

            Doing Our Part, 1993

            Christmas Toy Drive, 1992

            Billboard against Drugs

            Golf Tournament

            Day at Calder

            Easter egg Hunt, 2001 Apr.

40        Mass-Holy Spirit, 1995

            Jump Rope/Heart, 1995-97

            Christmas Party, 1996

            Festival of Nations, 1996-99

            Christmas Party, 1996

41        Freshman Convocation, 1998

            Labor Day Party, 1998

            AA Banquent, 1998

            Cancer Awareness, 1998

            Homeless Study, 1998

            Barry Beauties, 1998

            Bed Races, 1998

            Crazy Hat, 1997-99

            Start 2000-2001

            Art Exhibit, 1997

            Dominican Colloquium, 1999

            Dominican Center, 2002

            Dominican Friars, 1997

            Faculty of Year, 1997

            Mariachi Band, 1998

            Games Day, 1997

42        Aids Day ‘97

            Barry Pride Day, 1993

            Papal Visit to Miami, 1987

            Hurricane Wilma, 1905

            Education Day 1993

            Honors Convocation, 1993

            Cardinal Ortega, 1995

            Volunteer Luncheon

            Father Hank Farewell

            Intercultural Center

            Archbishop McCarthy Mass  

            Presidential Scholars  

            Trapp Family, 1947

            Class of ’62 Honors Sister Linda Bevilacqua

            Haunted House, 1993-1995

            Conversation with D. Brinkley

59        Gene Autrey Medal

            Ball Kickoff

            Benefactor’s Mass

            Cab Labor Day Party

            Chinese Wedding Reception

            Christmas Party

            Drug Rally

            End of Year Party      

            Everglades Trip

            Hadassah Agreement 

            Habitat for Humanity

            Neighborhood Meeting

            Pocket of Pride

            N. Dade Medical Foundation

            Open House JOL

            Orlando Gala Peace Conference        

            Post Commencement Party

            Religious Tribute Rock Concert

            Thompson Chair Lift United Way

            Waffle Art Welcome-Back Reception


Sub-Series Q: Special Events

 43        Culture Series, 1950’s-1960’s

            ICUF Dinner, 1972, 1975

            Board Governor’s Dinner, 1981

            International Ball, 1984

44        Coronation Ball, 1945-70

            Freshman Investiture, 1950’s -1960’s

45        President’s Dinner, 1971-88

46-46A  Founder’s Day, 1946-2001

47        Starlight Ball, 1979-96 




      Graduation Class, 1942


                      Baccalaureate Mass by Msgr. Barry


                                                                 Rose and Candle

Events various


             Arbor Day, 1950's                               May Crowning

   Christmas Oratorio, 1961        


            Pan-American Day                                             Festival of Nations

Special Events


Campus Queen, Eugenia Arcila, is crowned by J. Brennan at Coronation Ball


Culture Series: Ballet Janine Charrat de France and Don Cossack Choir


                                         Starlight Ball