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Barry University Photograph Collection: Associations


This series includes photographs of members and events of the Alumni community and other Barry support associations. The series is divided into two sub-series:

 Sub-Series R: Alumni

Sub-Series S: Auxiliary

The images available at this site are in a lower quality, high quality images are also available, and for publication additional cost can be required.

Container List

Series VIII: Barry Associations

 Sub-Series R: Alumni

  Box    Files

 53        Officers/ Board

            Family Day


            Boat Parade

            Day at the Races


            Freshman Reception

            New House

            Individual Pictures

            Group Pictures

            Promotional Items

54        Homecoming, 1992-2000

            Homecoming Misc

            Alumni Chapters        

Sub-Series S: Barry Auxiliary

  Box     Files

58        1950s – 1990s




      Alumni Family Day, 1959                          Alumni Family Day, 1959                                  


      Alumni Family Day, 1959                                   Alumni Toledo Chapter


               Class of 1954                                         Alumni Group 1960's


                 Class of 1962                                                          Phonaton


    Alumni Officers Board of Directors             Alumni Officers Board of Directors

            Vivian Decker Alumni House



       Auxiliary group, 1960's           E. Schroeder, founding president of the Auxiliary


    Auxiliary Officers, 1984-1985     Auxiliary induction into Order of the Flame


                                      Crazy Hat Luncheon


               Day at the races                                    Flea Market, 1983

Subject Guide

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Frances Sciurba