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Barry University Photograph Collection: Schools and Departments


This series includes a selection of photographs of the many schools and departments of Barry University.

 The images available at this site are in a lower quality, high quality images are also available, and for publication additional cost can be required.

Container List

Series VII: Schools & Departments

 Box     Files

 48        Adult Continue Education

            Arts and Sciences



            Information Technology

            Leisure and Health Sciences


            Home Economics

            Practice House

49        Natural Health Sciences


            Social Work

50        Podiatric Medicine

            Physician Assistant

51        Fine Arts

               Art Department

               Student Photography

               Music Department

               Theatre (Speech/ Drama)

52        Programs: Embry-Riddle Mec

            Programs: Air Force- Rotc

 55       Archives

               Founders' Exhibit, 1995-98

               Open House, 1999

Schools and Departments


D. Inez Andreas School of Business                 School of Nursing, 1954


            Secretarial Science, 1950-55                       Secretarial Science, 1955-59


 Home Economics - Food & Nutrition         Home Economics - Clothing                               


   Fine Arts - Theatre                                                    Foreign Languages


                     Physical Sciences                                                 Podiatric Medicine


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