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Social Work: Streaming Media

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Streaming Media

What is Social Work Segment 1 of 6 (03:20)

Social work utilizes a central code of ethics and value system to work with vulnerable populations. Economic, environmental, and intrapsychic forces can inhibit success. Individuals in this field work in a range of areas, including: adolescent health, affirmative action, capital punishment, child abuse, cultural competencies, and health care..     View Video.

Social Work: Social Issues (28 min)

This introduction to social work examines three disciplines (addictions, human growth and development and justice studies) from a social work perspective. The video focuses on the theory that recovery from poverty and/or physical, psychological or spiritual illness requires a holistic approach. If a social services professional is to successfully identify and engage the client in a process that can lead to healing and wholeness, he/she must focus on, and treat, the intellectual, emotional, physical, environmental and spiritual realms.