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The Monsignor William Barry Memorial Library invites the Barry community to visit its exhibit on Global Warming during the month of July 2021

Global Warming Library Guide/Display

What Is Global Warming?

Global warming is natural and unnatural warming caused by Earth's changing astronomical positions, tectonic activity, and the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere as a result of human activity. The future of our planet, the only one known to be habitable, is too important to be left to experts. Everyone should participate in discussions of global warming and to that end should have a rudimentary understanding of how the Earth functions, how it maintains the climatic conditions that suit us so well. Those conditions have allowed us to make remarkable techno-logical advances over the past century. We have become so powerful that we are now geologic agents, capable of interfering with the processes that make this a habitable planet. We have therefore become the stewards of the only planet known to be blessed with a glorious diversity of plants and animals. Only you, only each one of us can prevent global warming!

Source: The International Institute for Sustainable Development.

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