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Graduate Nursing Programs: Videos

A guide for nursing students on how to find tools/instruments.

Sample Videos Useful for Social Work

presented by Dawn Belkin Martinez, fl. 2016-2016; produced by UPG Media and Alexander Street(Alexandria, VAAlexander Street2016)42 mins
This video speaks to the challenges of overcoming personal biases in social work. Dawn Belkin Martinez, PhD MSW, examines how preconceived ideas about race, class, religion, sexual orientation, age, individualism, and consumerism affect us. She asks, where do these ideas come from? 
produced by Alexander Street (Alexandria, VAMicrotraining Associates2018)2 hours 33 mins
Professional ethics are at the core of Social Work practice. Ethics provide accountability and guide decision-making and everyday professional conduct of social workers. This video provides social work students and practitioners with a series of practice-based situations that explore a range of ethical issues.
directed by Banning Lary, fl. 1972-2015; produced by Banning Lary, fl. 1972-2015Promedion(Lexington, KYPromedion2005)32 mins
What is social workSocial workers' definitions. NASW practice sections. Brief history of social work. Classical theorists - Durkheim, Weber, Freud. II. Critical analysis of theory: what are theories? How to evaluate a theory for specific applicability in social work practice. 
presented by Dede Sparks, fl. 2002; produced by Alexander Street (Alexandria, VAMicrotraining Associates2018)46 mins

Palliative Care is a multidisciplinary approach to specialized medical care for people with serious illnesses. It focuses on providing patients with relief from the symptoms, pain, physical stress, and mental stress of a serious illness. 


presented by Cossy Hough, fl. 1992; produced by Alexander Street (Alexandria, VAMicrotraining Associates2018)1 hour 7 mins

Living in poverty, especially for long periods of time, puts families at higher risk of challenges with stable housing, health issues and access to health care, mental health and substance abuse issues as well as domestic violence issues. Social workers who work with people living in poverty must be prepared .


presented by Lawrence Shulman, 1937- (Grantham, NHLawrence Shulman1991)1 hour 37 mins
Lawrence Shulman leads a group discussion about effective social work.
presented by Tanya Voss, fl. 1986-2017; produced by Microtraining Associates (Alexandria, VAMicrotraining Associates2016)41 mins
Safe home visits play an important role in social work practice and yet over 85% of social workers have reported some form of physical aggression over the course of their careers. Tanya Voss reviews the steps helpful in ensuring a safe home visit. In a demonstration, Tanya works with young supervisees that are fast learners.
produced by Privately Published (Toronto, ONPrivately Published1998)27 mins
This video analyzes social work in the new millennium.
(Grantham, NHLawrence Shulman1991)50 mins
This documentary reviews social work practices concerning persons and context variables.