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Barry University Oral History: Barry University Oral History Project

Oral History Project

I. Overview of the Collection

Title: Barry University Oral History Project

Dates: 1976-

Creator: Sr. Eileen Rice and others

Location: University Archives & Special Collections - Lehman 201

Extent: 15 boxes (8 linear ft.)

Language: English


II. Historical note

As Barry approached its 40th anniversary it was appropriate that materials necessary for a history of the college were located and evaluated.  Among the more valuable research resources for that project were past students, faculty, staff and “friends” of the college. On Founders’ Day, November 1979, the Barry History Project oral anecdotal collection was officially announced. Sisters began the process of taping conversations with members of the Barry community who had been with the college for more than ten years.

For the coming Golden Anniversary of Barry, the purpose of the Oral History Project was (1) to provide a living history of persons who have been associated with Barry University since its founding in 1940; and (2) to research written materials available on campus or in Adrian Motherhouse Archives about the founders, administration, faculty, staff and students for whom there was no oral history. Those tapes were to assist in the writing of the history of Barry.


III. The Collection

The collection consists of over one hundred and forty oral histories primarily of members of the Barry community, which include faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends of the university. The interviews capture unique personal perspectives about the founding, development, and growth of the university.

The collection also includes materials related to the planning of the project and research resources on oral history projects.

Series Description:

   Series I: The Project

This series contains administrative information and research resources about the project. Files may contain correspondence, newspaper clippings, reports, procedures and guidelines, list of questions, etc. The series is arranged in chronological order by type of document within two subseries:

         Sub-Series A: Administrative files

         Sub-Series B: Research material

   Series II: Interviewees by name

This series consists of a list of names of the interviewees, with an independent entrance for tape number and transcription according to availability. It is arranged in alphabetical order by interviewee’s last name.


IV. Administrative Information

Acquisition Information: Transfer,

Access Restrictions: This collection is open for research

Processed by: Ximena Valdivia, 2013

Preferred Citation: Barry University Oral History Project, Barry University Archives and Special Collections, Miami Shores, Florida.

Container List

Series I: The Project

Sub-Series A: Administrative files

Project: Purpose

Project: Goals and guidelines

Project: Annual Report, 1994

Project: Correspondence

Project: Initial survey


People to interview

Questions for Interviewees

Record book

Numerical order of the Oral History Tapes

Audio tapes lists

Tapes sent for transcription, 1999

Oral History: Miami Shores

Release forms [CONFIDENTIAL]


Sub-Series B: Research material

Barry University history Slides

Barry University History by Eileen Rice, O.P.

Barry University history important dates

Carl Albert Congressional Research and Studies Center, Oral History Project: procedures manual, 2000

Composing visual images for interviews

Copy editing and proofreading

Feichtinger, K. You never hear about any struggles

History with a tape recorder, n.d.

Interview with Mrs. Florence Lawless, 1974

John Foster Dulles Oral History Catalog, 1998

Keuchel, E.F. Sounding Florida’s past through oral history, 1974

Mississippi Oral History Program of the University of Southern Mississippi, 1982

Modern History in Sound, 1973

Newspaper clipping and articles

Oral History Association Newsletter, 1982-1992

Oral History Evaluation guidelines, 1980

The oral history project – University of Wisconsin – Madison

Oral history recorder, 1984-1989

Pilling, P.L. Oral history: interviewing the elderly, 1985

Starr, L.M. Oral history, 1977

Supplies information unavailable in official Church records & documents, n.d.

Third century oral history workshop, 1975

Wolkerstorfer, J.C. Historians against oral history, 1985

Vieth. J.K. Woman of courage, an oral history of the Michigan State University Women, n.d.

Container List - List of Interviews

Series II: Interviewees by name

Adams, Mary Elizabeth: transcription, 1989 Oct. 29

Andreas, Inez: tape, n.d.

Audretsch, Rose Therese : transcription,1980 Jun.16

Balcerski, Judith: tape 208A

Balcerski, Judith: trasncription

Barbick, Ruth Waters: tape 324S

Barnard, Mary Elizabeth: tape, 1993?

Barry, Gerald: transcription, 1988 Aug. 3

Barry, Gerald: tape 610FR

Barry, Jim: transcription, n.d.

Barry Jim: tape 600FR

Barry, Marie Joseph: tape

Bentz, Marie: transcription, 1988 Sep. 10

Bentz, Marie: tape 123F

Bevilacqua, Linda, Sr.: transcription, 1996 June10

Bevilacqua, Linda: tape 203A

Biehl, Winnie: transcription, 1981 Jul. 25

Biehl, Winnie: tape 310S

Blackwell, Harriet Gray: transcription, 1985 Oct. 9

Blackwell, Harriet Gray: tape 636FR

Bobola, Beverly: transcription, 1989 Aug. 10

Bobola, Beverly: tape 104F

Bourne, Benita: transcription, n.d.

Bourne, Benita: tape 136F

Boyle, Cecile: tape 188F, 1988 Apr. 13

Brightbill, Alice: transcription, 1986 May 14

Brightbill, Alice: tape 205A

Broad, Shepard: transcription, 1997 Sep. 12

Broad, Shepard: tape 402T

Browne, Dorothy: tape 215A-216A, 1980 Aug.

Bruene, Joanetta: transcription, 1980 May 28

Bruene, Joanetta: tape 204A

Burke, Cyril: transcription, 1974 Jul. 22

Burke, Cyril: tape (4)

Burke, Cyril: transcription, n.d.

Burke, Cyril: tape 110F

Canfield, Connie Hershling: transcription, 1980 May 11

Canfield, Connie Hershling: tape 315F

Cardillo, Barbara: transcription, 1982 Jul. 7

Cardillo, Barbara: tape 317S

Cavanaugh, Sarah: transcription, 1995 Jul. 25

Cavanaugh, Sara: tape 212A

Chmara, Marie Siena: tape 220A-F, 1980 Feb. 18

Coleman, Mary Frances: transcription, 1989

Coleman, Mary Frances: tape

Connolly, Mike: transcription, 1985 Oct. 7

Connoly, Mike: tape 177F

Cowgill, Lourdes: tape 321S

Cvejanovich, George: tape 117F

Czerniec, Gloria del Monte: transcription, 1990 Mar. 10

Czerniec, Gloria del Monte: tape 301S

Czerniec, Tim: transcription, 1985 Oct. 1

Czerniec, Tim: tape 201A

Day, Alvin: transcription, n.d.

Day, Alvin: tape 850

Deasy, Una: tape, 1994 Mar. 15

Decker, Vivian: transcription, n.d.

Decker, Vivian: tape 425BT

Desmond, Mary Lou: transcription, 1995 Aug. 4

Desmond, Mary Lou: tape 213A

Dickinson, Carol Maloney: transcription, 1982 Jul. 7

Dickinson, Carol Money: tape322S

Diesing, Irene: tape 320S

Donohue, Marjorie: transcription, 1986 May 14

Donohue, Marjorie: tape 120F

Duggan, Helen: transcription, 1980 Jul. 26

Duggan, Helen: tape 115F-116F

Dunleavy, Francis: transcription, 2000 Nov. 13

Dunleavy, Francis: tape

Esnard, Leonore: tape, 1995 May 31

Ezoe, Magdalena: transcription, 1980 Jun. 16

Ezoe, Magdalena: tape, 1980 Jun. 16

Ezoe, Magdalena: tape, 1994 Mar. 13

Faculty Senate: transcription, n.d.

Faculty Senate: tape 150F

Fike, David: tape, 1989 May 4

Fitzgerald, Joseph: transcription, 1990 Feb. 26

Fitzgerald, Joseph: tape 609FR

Fitzgerald, Mary: transcription, 1983 May 26

Fitzgerald, Mary: tape 801P

Flood, Trinita: transcription, n.d.

Flood, Trinita: tape A209AF-213AF [5 tapes]

Galvis, Laura: tape

Gellens, Virginia: transcription, 1986 Jun. 16

Gellens, Virginia: tape 186F

Gibney, Marie Grace: transcription, n.d.

Gibney, Marie Grace: tape

Gilley, Obadiah: transcription, 1985 Oct. 11

Gilley, Obadiah: 800M

Goeddeke, Ann Bernard: transcription, 1980 Apr. 11

Goeddeke, Ann Bernard: tape 15F, 1980 Apr. 11

Goeddeke, Ann Bernard: transcription, 1989 Aug. 14

Goeddeke, Ann Bernard: tape 126F, 1989 Aug. 14

Guettler, Dorothy: transcription, n.d.

Guettler, Dorothy: tape 308S, 1987 Jan. 9

Guettler, Rose Germaine: transcription, n.d.

Guetler, Rose Germaine: tape 129F

Guinard, Alex: tape, 1994 May 12

Hafey-Wells, Virginia: transcription, 1985 Sep. 26

Hafey-Wells, Virginia: tape

Hammerle, Judith Green: transcription, 1987 Feb. 16

Hammerle, Judith Green: tape 311S

Hanlon, Mary Jo: transcription, 1981 Aug. 7

Hanlon, Mary Jo: tape 135F

Hart, Doris: tape

Hart, Mary Jane: transcription, 1980 Jun. 17

Hart, Mary Jane: tape 131F

Haub, Eleanor Neary: transcription, 1990 May 10

Haub, Eleanor Neary: tape312S

Hauri, Claudia: transcription, 1988 Oct. 6

Hauri, Claudia: tape F112

Hawkins, Leonard: transcription, 1983 Mar. 7

Hawkins, Leonard: tape 605FR

Hinds, Claudia: transcription, 1981 Aug. 7

Hinds, Claudia: tape 135F

Hurley, Marie Carol: transcription, 1985 Sep. 17

Hurley, Marie Carol: tape 181F

Iago, Mary Dyer: transcription, 1982 Jul. 7

Iago, Mary Dyer: tape 327S

Ingraham, John: tape, 1976 Feb. 1

Jordan, Isabel Marie: tape

Jungbauer, Mary Ann: transcription, n.d.

Jungbauer, Mary Ann: tape 118F

Kennedy, Mary Joseph: transcription, 1980 Mar. 6

Kennedy, Mary Joseph: tape 139F

La Bahn, Patricia: transcription, 1997 Dec. 15

La Bahn, Patricia: tape 221A-F

Laudalio, Marilyn: transcription, n.d.

Laudalio, Marilyn: tape 328S

Leavy, Jerome: transcription, 1988 Sep. 19

Leavy, Jerome: tape 124F

Lee, Patrick: transcription, 1986 May 29

Lee, Patrick: tape 255A

LeFebvre, Jeanne: transcription, 1989 Aug. 11

LeFebvre, Jeanne: tape 106F

Mainville, Denise: transcription, 1989 Nov. 5

Mainville, Denise: tape 103F

Maniaci, Jill Lasser: transcription, 1990 Mar. 6

Maniaci, Jill Lasser: tape 302S

Martinez, Carmen: transcription, 1991 Jan. 24

Martinez, Carmen: tape 303S

McCall, Lawton: transcription, 1985 Oct. 4

McCall, Lawton: tape

McCaugham, Laura Bentz: transcription, 1988 Sep. 10

McCaugham, Laura Bentz: tape 306S

McCullough, Alfred J.: tape 206A-F

McGill, Margaret Mary: transcription, 1996 Jun. 4

McGill, Margaret Mary: tape

McGinley, Helen M.: transcription, n.d.

McGinley, Helen M.: tape 141F

McGowan, Marie: transcription, 1980 Mar. 6

McGowan, Marie: tape 143F

McGowan, Patricia M.:  transcription, 1982 Jul. 4

McGowan, Patricia M.: tape

McNicholl, Anastasia: transcription, 1989 Aug.

McNicholl, Anastasia:  tape 300S

McNulty, Althea: tape 335S

Miller, Lorraine: transcription, 1989 Apr.

Miller, Lorraine: tape 351S

Minnaugh, Patricia: transcription, 1980 Oct.

Minnaugh, Patricia: tape

Moore, Alice Joseph: transcription, 1980 Apr. 14

Moore, Alice Joseph: tape 158F

Mullins, Mary: transcription, 1980 May

Mullins, Mary: tape 161F

Noonan, Kathryn: transcription, 1989 Nov.

Noonan, Kathryn: tape 211A, 1989 Nov.

Noonan, Kathryn: tape

O’Connor, Marian: transcription, n.d.

O’Connor, Marian: tape 165F

O’Neil, Mike: tape 420BT, 1983 Mar 7

O’Neil, Tish: transcription, 1980 July

O’Neil, Tish: tape

Peebles, Frederica: transcription, n.d.

Peebles, Frederica: tape 331S

Pendlebury, Florence: transcription, 1986 Mar.

Pendlebury, Florence: tape 350S

Peters, Thelma: transcription, 1981

Peters, Thelma: tape 630FR

Phillips, Benedetto, Scanlon: transcription, 1980 Mar.

Phillips, Benedetto, Scanlon: tape 173F

Piche, Priscilla: transcription, n.d.

Piche, Priscilla: tape

Prendergast, Agnes Cecile: transcription, 1980

Prendergast, Agnes Cecile: tape 176F

Polchlapek, Pat: transcription, 1982 July

Polchlapek, Pat: tape 334S

Powell, Tony: transcription, 1990 Mar.

Powell, Tony: tape

Rawlings, Diane: transcription, n.d.

Rawlings, Diane: tape

Renick, Ralph: transcription, 1985 July

Renick, Ralph: tape 421BT-422BT

Renuart, Mery Jane Mills: transcription, 1990 Apr. 17

Renuart, Mery Jane Mills: tape 304S

Rice, Eileen: transcription, n.d.

Rice, Eileen: tape

Riddle, Grace: transcription, 1988 Sep. 21

Riddle, Grace: tape FR604

Roberts, Robin: transcription, 1992 Jul. 13

Roberts, Robin: tape 252A

Roussell, Cecile: transcription, 1988 Jun. 16

Roussell, Cecile: tape 202A

Ryan, Gail (nothing on tape/transcription)

Salerno, Deannie: transcription, 1986 Apr. 18

Salerno, Deannie: tape 253A

Saunders, Phyllis: transcription, 1993 Oct. 11

Saunders, Phyllis: tape

Schollmeyer, Grace: tape 250A-260A

Scott, Mary Lu: transcription, 1990 Nov. 19

Scott, Mary Lu: tape 319A

Sheridan, Jean Marie: transcription, n.d.

Sheridan, Jean Marie: tape

Sheridan, Jean Marie: transcription, 1987 Aug. 17

Sheridan, Jean Marie: tape 187F, 1987 Aug. 17

Shield, Judith: transcription, 1980 Oct. 30

Shield, Judith: tape 191F

Sisters of Mercy R.S.M.: transcription, 1991

Sisters of Mercy R.S.M.: tape

Sitzmann, Gertrude: transcription, 1988 Aug. 11

Sitzmann, Gertrude: tape 316S

Smith, Timothy: transcription, n.d.

Smith, Timothy: tape

Socha, Cathy: transcription, 1982 July 2

Socha, Cathy: tape 330S

Spring, Clarence Mr. & Mrs.: tape, 1976 Mar. 8

Stechschulte, Agnes Louise: transcription, 1989 June 14

Stechschulte, Agnes Louise: tape 193F

Stewart, Beverly Murphy: transcription, 1982 June 3

Stewart, Beverly Murphy: tape 337S

Storto, Evie: transcription, 1994 May 23

Storto, Evie: tape

Taber, Mary Halloran: transcription, 1988 Aug. 3

Taber, Mary Halloran: tape 603FR

Torrent, Antoinette: transcription, 1988 Sep. 5

Torrent, Antoinette: tape 318F

Vigeron, Antoinette Marie: transcription, 1986 Jan 20

Vigeron, Antoinette Marie: tape 634FR

Villemure, Paul James: transcription, 1988 June 13

Villemure, Paul James: tape 102F

Waldron, Agnes Patrice: transcription, 1988 Aug. 6

Waldron, Agnes Patrice: tape 195F

Walsh, Bryan, Msgr.: transcription, 1994 June 17

Walsh, Bryan, Msgr.: tape

Walsh, Mary Jean: transcription, 1985 Sep. 10

Walsh, Mary Jean: tape 178F-179F

Wanko, George: transcription, 1986 Mar. 11

Wanko, George: tape 251a

Watters, Henrietta: transcription, n.d.

Watters, Henrietta: tape 194F

Wessel, Esther: transcription, 1986 June 11

Wessel, Esther: tape 637FR

Wetterer, Mary: transcription, 1990 Sep. 7

Wetterer, Mary: tape 607FR

Wilkowski, Jean: transcription, 1990 May 1

Wilkowski, Jean: tape 115F

Williamson, Fran: transcription, 1990 Apr. 23

Williamson, Fran: tape

Wilson, Helen: transcription, 1980 Mar. 6

Wilson, Helen: tape S340