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Exceptional Interviewing Tips: A View from the Inside Full Video (28:09)

The job interview is one of the most taxing and stressful experiences that we go through in our lives. This video guides the viewer through the interview process with an enthusiastic host and representatives from four of the most ...  View Video.

Your First Resume and Interview Full Video (17:35)

The school-to-work transition attempts to help students move easily from the classroom to the workforce and this video provides clear, unequivocal information about the resume and the interview. View Video.

Resume Preparation Full Video (27:29)

This video covers the development and use of chronological and functional resumes. Students learn how to create accomplishment statements that use action verbs and display concrete results.  View Video.

Log On for Success: Using Internet Job Sites Full Video (18:45)

Show your students how to find great jobs fast—with the Internet. This video will tell them everything they need to know to start blazing an electronic path to outstanding career opportunities. View Video.

What Employers Want: Skills and Attitudes Full Video (28:18)

Attitudes and characteristics essential for success are explored in this video. It shows students how to recognize their transferable skills and evaluate work... View Video.

Web Resumes Full Video (27:00)

There are cell phones, emails, faxes, multi-telephone conferencing, video conferencing...the list goes on and on. This is also true in the job search. The resume has undergone several changes in the past ten years. View Video.

Resumes and Cover Letters: What to Include Segment 3 (03:01)

Resumes should always include the applicant's name, contact information, qualifications summary, education, and experience. The cover letter should state the job seeker's intent, an overview of relevant experience, and a brief closing.  View Video.

Ten Commandments of Resumes Full Video (35:16)

Resume writing is considered by many to be the most difficult part of the job search process. It is tough to know what the employer is looking for, and even more difficult to express your abilities in a way that gets attention. View Video.

Smart Resumes and Applications for People with Disabilities Full Video (23:13)

A resume must be impressive. But for people with disabilities, there’s always an extra concern. At what stage of the process should the disability be mentioned—in the resume? On an application?  View Video.

Evaluating Career Options Full Video (28:34)

This video illustrates how to evaluate career options based on the Three C’s: content, conditions, and compensation. It expands on the Personal Career Profile and explains how to use information gathered from occupational research...View Video.

Careers in Criminal Justice Full Video (22:34)

Job opportunities in criminal justice are on the rise. This program looks at a number of different occupations, ranging from entry-level positions to those requiring a four-year degree.  View Video.

Careers in Management: Prerequisites and Education Segment 2 (01:17)

Most management positions require a four year college degree. A master's degree in business administration, and training beyond the MBA, are often considered starting points for occupations in this career cluster.  View Video.

Careers in Finance: Skills and Education Segment 1 (01:57)

Jobs in the finance cluster require money management skills and strong interpersonal skills. A four year college degree is essential and, depending on the specific occupation, specialized training and certification are often required. View Video.

Careers in the Earth Sciences Full Video (27:04)

Flying into the eye of a storm, camping at the base of an active volcano, traveling backwards in time—students might think these adventures happen only in action movies. This video shows that they also take place in the .... View Video.

Careers in the Life Sciences Full Video (25:57)

The next leader in the fight against cancer may be sitting in third-period Biology right now—but what will inspire his or her first steps into medicine? This video illustrates the awesome potential of a career in the life sciences, guiding students...  View Video.

Careers in the Physical Sciences Full Video (25:55)

There’s nothing boring about stopping a speeding bullet, especially when it’s accomplished with liquid. How about designing robots based on insect anatomy…or using computers to figure out what George Washington really looked like?  View Video.

Education & Training Full Video (17:44)

Careers in education are not only rewarding for those who pursue them but vital to society as a whole—without educators and teachers, there would be no doctors, plumbers, lawyers, or electricians. This video presents four distinct... View Video.

Graphic Designer Full Video (18:24)

The Career Connections video series gives viewers the opportunity to investigate various occupations without leaving the classroom. Each information-packed program contains interviews with workers and on-the-job footage to provide a comprehensive overview of these fast-paced, rewarding careers.  View Video.

Green Careers: Qualifications and Qualities Segment 21 of 21 (01:43)

To work in marketing and sales in green industries, a college degree in business is helpful. Passion and excitement about green jobs is essential for marketing and sales. The green economy needs many different kinds of people. View Video.

Human Services Careers Full Video (25:15)

For those who enjoy helping other people, a career in human services may be just right! This program explores a variety of occupations in early childhood care, counseling and mental health, family and community, personal care, and consumer... View Video.

Internet Careers: Front-End, Back-End & E-Everywhere Full Video (22:29)

E-commerce, e-learning, e-zines, eBay—what’s the common denominator? The “e” of course! But in today’s fast-paced, highly connected world, that “e” doesn’t just stand for “electronic”; it stands for “everywhere” as more and more people... View Video.

Introduction to Career Opportunities in Computers and Information Technology Segment 1 (00:49)

Learn about careers in computers and information technology that are possible after only two years of schooling. View Video.

Working in Media Full Video (21:55)

Being part of a team that produces film, TV, or digital content—it’s one of the most satisfying jobs in the world. But it also requires hard work, long hours, and a fine-tuned ability to communicate and collaborate. Taking an overview approach,...  View Video.

Women in E-Commerce Careers Segment 1 (00:53)

Electronic commerce, or E-commerce, refers to business conducted over the Internet; E-commerce generates 132 billion dollars in revenue annually. Many women are establishing fulfilling careers in the world of E-commerce. View Video.