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SOC 352 - Sociology of Immigration/Konczal: eVideos

Professor Lisa Konzcal

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America's History of Immigration -Segment 4 (03:59

As a culture and a country, America began with immigration that ultimately built the country. Today, Americans seem to fear immigration. It appears that a self-appointed core of 'true' Americans have circled the wagons against outsiders.

Ellis Island -Segment 1 (01:28)

Ellis Island served as a transit point for the massive immigration to the United States.  View Video.

Benefits of Immigration -Segment 5 (04:15)

Immigration creates substantial economic benefits for the United States as a whole, adding up to $10 billion to America's economic output. Sixty percent of immigrants are spouses, parents, siblings, or children of citizens or legal immigrants. View Video.

This Land is Your Land

A Russian immigrant Mary Antin reveals her story of immigration to America. Her autobiography, "The Promised Land" discusses the United States' priceless heritage of freedom..  View Video.

Immigration Debate - Full Video (06:27)

Arizona has the toughest anti-illegal immigration law in the country. Stacey Delikat reports on the law and the national debate it has sparked. View Video.

Lives for Sale: Human Trafficking - Full Video (59:08)

Each year, more than one million people try to cross the U.S.-Mexico border, contending with dangerous forces that prey on their hopes and exploit their gullibility. This program exposes the most painful, disturbing, and hidden dimension of illegal immigration: the growing black market trade in human beings.  View Video.

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The Immigration Paradox (77 Mins.)

Fear and Learning at Hoover Elementary The Denial of Education and Health Care to Undocumented Immigrants (54 Mins.)

Directed by a schoolteacher, this film became a lightning bolt in the immigration debate as the Rockefeller Foundation labeled it "One of the most important films on American race relations." Hoover Elementary is located in Pico-Union, known as the 'Ellis Island' of Los Angeles... View Video.

Home from the Eastern Sea The Story of Asian Immigration to America (58 Mins.)

This is the story of the immigration of Chinese, Japanese, and Filipinos to America. The documentary explores the history of each nationality through the personal stories of representative families... View Video.

The New Immigrants: A New America Episode 7 of America in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era (34 Mins.)

Here, learn how widespread immigration during the Gilded Age and Progressive Era transformed U.S. society. Delve into the diverse factors underlying immigration, and the perceived threats and social problems posed by immigrants...   View Video.

Essential Arrival Michigan's Indian Immigrants in the 21st Century (61 Mins.)

Immigration is a hot-button political issue these days, but, unsurprisingly, that contentious, narrow debate tells only part of the story. This film seeks to broaden the discussion by turning attention to Indian immigrants, an emerging and essential part of the immigration conversation...  View Video.