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PSY 497 - Senior Seminar: eVideos

Dr. Pamela Hall

Films On Demand Collection

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Head Start Programs

A 30 year study reveals that for every dollar invested in quality preschools saves $7.00 in welfare, special education, and crime costs. Head Start teaches basic living skills and prepares children for school.  View Video.

Early Childhood Intervention to Lift Up a Poor Child

We need public policy to support 0-5 (preschool) education. Research proves that targeted programs such as Head Start help at-risk children prepare for success by supporting social, emotional, language and cognitive development. View Video

Kwanzaa: A Cultural Celebration

Language Development: Preschoolers

Communicating with Preschool Children

Children narrate events and stories with their particular levels of vocabulary and understanding. Parents and a clinical psychologist discuss how they talk to children. View Video

Value of Art for Children

Art for art's sake can make children feel good about themselves. Art activities at home include finger paints, fat crayons, and Play-Doh, which helps children develop strength in their hands.  View Video

Alexander Street Press Videos

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Counseling and Therapy in Video:  

Special Needs Students

Current standards do not account for special needs students. The best kind of standards are those that provide guidance in broad terms. Kohn explains the TIMSS study. View Video.