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SPA 300-Hispanic Caribbean Literature and Music: Readings

Section 1: Introduction (Weeks 1-3)

1. ¡Tierra!: In Search of An Ideal and the “Creation” of America

2. Plantation and Transplantation: Sugar Economy and Slavery

3. Planting roots: Criollism and Indigenism vs. Exile

Section 2: Nineteenth Century (Weeks 4-6)

4. Race, Gender and the Creation of a Caribbean Myth: “La mulata”

Section 3: Twentieth Century (Weeks 7-10)

5. Negritud y Mulatez: A Redefinition of Hispanic Caribbean Identity

6. Politics in the Arts: Between Dictatorships and Revolutions

Section 4: To the Twenty First Century (Weeks 11-15)

7. From the Outside: The Caribbean Diaspora

8. From the Inside: Insularity and poverty

9. Dominicans, Newyoricans, Cuban-Americans: "U.S. Caribbeanness"

Ana Lydia Vega (selected short stories)

Documentary: Chosen Few, by BoyWonder

Not listed on course content but appears on bibliography