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Green Living and Sustainability: eVideos

This research guide/exhibit will help us to be mindful of our planet and offering tips and tricks on living a green & sustainable life. The exhibit will be on display during the month of December 2019.

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Films on Demand: Web-based digital video delivery service. Films on Demand offers a large variety of curriculum-focused, streaming video titles from producers such as Films for the Humanities and Sciences, PBS, A&E, History, ABCNews, BBC, NBC News, Shopware, Biography, National Geographic and others.




Elements of Sustainability

Elements of Sustainability

Creating sustainable structures has become the goal of many citizens, architects, and government officials It explores scientific innovations, supportive community action, and effective political reform behind the advances in green building practices.

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Going to Green, Part I

Implementing Urban Greening

This video presents the challenges of growing and distributing our nations food supply through urban farming, CSAs, Farmers Markets, and organic markets. What is the impact of chemical fertilizers on the public health of our communities? Can the growing urban micro-farm and community-garden movements improve the quality of the food we eat and bring communities together?


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Public Policy and Green Collar Opportunities

The Clean Water and Clean Air Acts are federal laws that rely upon citizen participation for their successful implementation. This lesson chapter explains how model ordinances can be put into place to assist municipalities in becoming more sustainable, and the role that students, teachers and citizen activists can play in that process.

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Going to Green, Part II


Towards a More Sustainable Community

How is sustainability defined for a society and its environment? This unit includes on-location demonstrations of best-practice eco-sustainable activities.
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