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Barry University Theater Collection: Theater Collection

Barry University Theater Collection

I. Overview

Title: Barry University Theater Collection

Date: 1941-

Extension: 4 boxes (2 linear ft.)

Summary: The collection includes photographs, media, and ephemera related to the theater performances offered within the Fine Arts Department at Barry University since 1941 to the present.

Language of the material: English


II. Historical Note:

Barry University has had a theatre department almost since its beginning. The department was originally called Speech and Drama but its name changed to Theatre Department in 1975. In 1983, the speech section was transferred to the Communications department.  The first chairperson was Sister Trinita Flood, OP, 1946-1955, who later became President of Barry in 1974. The department has been located in the Fine Arts Quadrangle ever since it was built in 1955. The first play performed at the Auditorium was Brigadoon, directed by Sister Marie C. Hurley, O.P., in November 1955, previous productions were performed in Weber Hall, then known as Stella Matutina.

The Theatre Department has produced hundreds of plays including some productions created by their own students. In addition, there have been summer programs to entertain children. A puppet theatre company was part of this department from 1978 to 1991 and a mimic theater company in the 1970s.

This Department’s graduates have gone on to be involved in theatre and television productions as well as to teach theatre.

III. Scope and content

The collection includes photographs, media, and ephemera related to the theater performances offered within the Fine Arts Department at Barry University. It is an ongoing collection starting 1941 to the present. Theater productions are mostly represented by individual programs and articles. If specified, any accompanying photographs and media related to the program guides are located in the Photograph Collection and the Audiovisual Collection, respectively.

The Collection is organized by alphabetical list by title of play produced at Barry.

IV. Container list

7a        Barry theatre productions, general

            The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, 2015 Mar.

            Alfred Doolittle: photographs, 1965 Oct.

            Alice in Wonderland,1947

            Almost Maine, 2014 Dec.

           Amahl and the night visitors: Video, 1998 Nov.   

          Amelia goes to the ball (Musical theater), 2009 Nov.

           Anne of the thousand days, 1970 Dec. 4-5

           Antigone, 2005 Apr. 17

           Applause, 1976

           Arms and the Man, 1992

           As you like it, 1959 Feb. 21

           Baby with the bathwater, 1993 Feb.

           Bamboo cross, 1959

           Bamboo cross: photographs, 1959

           The barber of Seville (Musical), 2005

           Barefoot in the park, 2004 Nov.

           Barefoot in the park: photographs, 2004 Nov.

           Bethlehem, 1942, 1942

           Big love, 2009 Apr.

           Big love: photographs, 2009 Apr.

           Big love: poster - digital, 2009 Apr.

           Blithe Spirit (High spirits), 1984 Nov.

           La Boheme (Musical theater), 2004 Jan.-Feb.

           Boy with a Cart, 1956

           Brigadoon, 1955, Nov.

           Brigadoon: photographs, 1960

           Brigadoon (Musical theater), 1981 Oct.-Nov.

           Camelot (Musical Theater), 1966 Nov.

           Carnival, n.d.

           Carnival: photographs, 1963 Nov. 22

           Catherine Benincasa, 1947 Apr.

           Catherine the Valiant, 1948 Mar.

           Cave Dwellers, 1968 Apr.

           The Chalk Garden, 1980

           Clean house, 2010 Apr.

           Clean house: photographs, 2010 Apr.

           Clean house: DVD, 2010 Apr.

           The clown and his circus, 1959

           Clown That Ran Away, 1963

           The Collector, 2012 Jan.

           The Collector: photographs, 2012 Jan.

           The Collector: poster, 2012 Jan.

           The Complete History of America (Abrigde), 2006

           The Complete History of America (Abrigde): photographs, 2006

           The complete works of William Shakespeare (Abgd.), 2015 May

           The Cultural Museum, 2010 Mar.

           The Cultural Museum: photographs, 2010 Mar.

           The Cultural Museum: poster - digital, 2010 Mar.

           A Curious savage, 1980 Nov.

           Dames at sea (Musical theater), 1981 Feb.

           Danny and the deep blue sea, 2001

           David and Lisa, 1968

           Design for a Stained Glass Window, 1960

           Design for a stained glass window: photographs, 1960

           The Diary of Anne Frank, 1966 Mar.

           Doctor In Spite of Himself, 1951

           The effect of Gamma Rays On-Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, 1985 Feb.

           L’ elisir d’ amore = The love potion (Musical theater), 2009 Feb.

           Elves and Shoemaker, 1949 Dec.

           Extremities, 2012 Feb

           Extremities: poster, 2012 Feb.

           The Fantasticks, 1995 Nov.

           The Fantasticks: DVD, 1995 Nov.

           Fiddler on the roof, 1971

           Fiddler on the roof, 1994 Mar.

           Finian’s rainbow: photographs, 1960 May

           Finian’s rainbow, 1970 Nov.

           The flies, 1977

           Flyin west, 2011 Mar-Apr.

           Flyin west: photographs, 2011 Mar-Apr.

           The Foreigner, 1996 Feb.

           The Foreigner: Video, 1996 Feb.

           Fourposter, 1974

           The glass menagerie, 1998 Mar.

           The glass menagerie (v. 1): Video, 1998 Mar.

           The glass menagerie (v.2): Video, 1998 Mar.

           A grand night for singing (Musical theater), 2007

           A grand night for singing: photographs, 2007

           Godspell, 2013 Apr.

           Hansel and Gretel… and friends! (Musical theater), 2001 Apr.

           Hello Dolly (Musical theater), 1969 Nov.

           Hello Dolly (Musical theater), 2000

           Hello Dolly: DVD, 2000 Nov.

           How Crazy Can You Get, 1953 Nov.

           The Importance of being Earnest, 1994 Oct.-Nov.

           Into the woods, 1995 Apr.

           Iphigenia and other daughters, 2007 Mar.

           Iphigenia and other daughters: photographs, 2007 Mar.

           Iphigenia and other daughters: poster, 2007 Mar.

           Jeanne D’Arc, 1952 Mar.

           Jesus hopped the A train, 2011 Dec.

           Jesus hopped the A train: photographs, 2011 Dec.

           Jesus hopped the A train: poster, 2011 Dec.

           Joan Of Arc, 1949 Feb.

           Joan of Arc: photographs, 1949

          Joan of Arc: photographs, 1961

          Joan of Arc: photographs, 1968

          Joan of Arc Speaks Again, 1944 May.

          Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Musical theater), 2001

          Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat: Video, 2001 Nov.

          Journey to Mt. Olympus: DVD, 1996 Nov

          Journey to Mt. Olympus: poster, 1996 Nov.

          Just a Little Mistake, 1953 Nov.

          Key Exchange, 1991

          King and I, 1962 Nov.

          King and I: photographs, 1962

          Kiss me Kate, 1956

          Kiss me Kate: photographs, 1958

          The lady’s not for burning, 1967 Apr. ?

          Lion in Winter, 1973

          Little Mary Sunshine, 1982 Nov.

          Little shop of horrors: Video, 1999 Nov.

          Little Women, 1943 Dec

          Little Women, 1956.

          The lonesome west, 2008

          Macon City: a comic book play, 2009 Nov.

          The madwoman of Chaillot, 1973

          Make it sing, 1958 Nov.

          Man of La Mancha, 1972 Nov.

          Many Moons, 1949 Feb.

          Many moons: photographs, 1949 Feb.

          Many Moons, 1954

          Marriage and other wars, 1995?

          Martha and Mary, 1943 Mar.

          Mary, Mary, 1982 Feb.

          Mary of Scotland, 1957

          Mary of Scotland: photographs, 1957

          The Meeting, 1992 Feb.

          The member of the wedding, 1977

          A midsummer night’s dream, 1976

          A midsummer night’s dream, 1998 Nov.

          A midsummer night’s dream: Video, 1998 Nov.

          The miracle worker, 1963 Apr.

          The miracle worker, 2006 Oct.

          The miracle worker: photographs, 2006 Oct.

           Miss Evers’ boys, 2008 Oct.

           Miss Julie, 2004

           Miss Julie: photographs, 2004

           Misunderstanding, 1968

           Mourning becomes Electra, 1970

           Much ado about nothing, 1961 Nov.

           Much ado about nothing, 1968

           Murder in the Cathedral, 1950 Mar.

           The music man, 1975

           My fair lady: photographs, 1960

           My fair lady, 1962 Nov.

           My fair lady: photographs, 1962

           My fair lady: photographs, 1965 Nov.

7b       The Nerd, 2014 Feb.

           Night mother, 1987

           Night mother: Video, 2000 Oct.

           Noises Off, 1993 Nov.

           Oklahoma!, 1969

           Oklahoma! (Musical theater), 1993 Mar.

           Oliver, 1974

           One flew over the Cuckoo’s nest, 2002 Mar.

           Once on this island, 2005

           Once on this island (VHS)

           Once upon a mattress, 1999 Mar.

           Once upon a mattress: Video, 1999 March

           Orphans, 1990 Sep.

           Pair of Lunatics, 1953 May.

           Parade at Devil’s Bridge, 1957

           Parallel lives, 2001

           Passion of Our Lord (Pantomime Summer Wrokshop): photographs, 1964

           Peter Pan, 1960 Mar.

           Picasso, 2014 Oct.

           Picnic, 1992 Nov.

           Pilate’s daughter, 1954 Apr.

           Pippin (Musical theater), 2003 Mar.

           Prelude to a Kiss, 1992 Oct.

          The Queen’s Christmas, 1941

          Race, 2014 Mar.

          Real queen of hearts ain't even pretty, 1993 Oct.

          Reckless, 1991 Jul.

          Rhinoceros, 1978

          The Rimers of Eldritch, 2010 Oct.

          The Rimers of Eldritch: DVD, 2010 Oct.

          The Rimers of Eldritch: photographs, 2010 Oct.

          The Rimers of Eldritch: poster - digital, 2010 Oct.

          The Rimers of Eldritch: Promo, 2010 Oct.

          The Rivals, 1972

          The roar of the greasepaint, the smell of the crowd, 1967 Nov.

          Romeo & Juliet, 2013

                     See also Shakespeare Festival, 2013 (Fine Arts Department records)

          Royal Gambit, 1962 Mar.

          Royal Gambit: Photographs, 1962 Mar.

          Rumpelstiltskin, 1948

          Sacrifice in Brocade, 1940 Nov.

          Serpent, 2013 Feb- Mar.

          Servant of two masters, 1971

          Seven keys to Baldpate, 1990 Nov.

          Seven nuns at Las Vegas, 1956 May.

          Seven nuns from Las Vegas: Photographs, 1956

          Should old acquaintance, 1990 Dec.

          Skin of our teeth, 1966?

          Sleeping Beauty, 1947 Nov.

          The Song of Bernadette, 1948 Dec.

          The Song of Bernadette, 1958 Feb.

          The sound and color of alive, 1969

          The sound of music (Musical Theater), 1967 Nov.?

          The sound of music (Musical Theater), 1997 Mar.

          The sound of music: DVD, 1997 March

          Spider-Island, 1960 May.

          Spoon River anthology, 2000

          Spoon River anthology: DVD, 2000 March

          St. Anne and the Gouty Rector, 1960 Mar.

          St. Felix and his potatoes, 1960 May

          Stations of the Cross in Mime, 1952

          The stations of the cross in mime, 1981 Apr.

          Steel magnolias, 1991 Nov.

          A streetcar named desire, 2010

          Summons of Sariel, 1942 Jun.

          A sunny morning, 1957

          The surprise, 1968

          Sweet mystery, 1959 Nov.

          Sweet mystery (Musical theater), 1964 May

          Sweet mystery: photographs, 1964 May

          Talking with, 2011 Oct.

          Talking with: photographs, 2011 Oct.

          Talking with: poster, 2011 Oct.

          Tartuffe, 1996 Nov.

          Tartuffe: Born Again, 2014 Apr.

          Telephone / Trouble in Tahiti, 2008

          Taylor Mali Project: Photographs CD, 2011

          There comes a time, 1959

          Three sisters, 2011 Apr.

          Three sisters: photographs, 2011 Apr.

          Three sisters: poster, 2011 Apr.

          Three sisters: poster - digital, 2011 Apr.

          Three sisters: photographs, 2011 May

          Thursdays at Home, 1953 May.

          Tidings brought to Mary, 1950 Dec.

          La Traviata (opera in 3 acts), 2016 Mar. 

          Trouble in Tahiti See Telephone, 2008

          The Trojan Women, 1965 Mar.

          The Trojan Women: photographs, 1965

          Twelve angry men, 1990 Apr.

          Twelve angry women, 1957 Mar.

          The twelfth night project, 2009 Oct.

          The twelfth night project: DVD, 2009 Oct.

          The twelfth night project: photographs CD, 2009 Oct.

          The twelfth night project: poster - Digital, 2009 Oct.

          Two gentlemen of Verona, 1975

          Two gentlemen of Verona: poster, 1975 Nov.

          The Ugly Ducking, 1957

          Urinetown – the musical, 2012 Mar.

          Waiting for Godot, 1991 Dec.

          Waiting for Godot, 2012

          The wandering of Odysseus, 1991 Apr.

          What do you make?, 2011 Feb.

          What do you make?: photographs, 2011 Feb.

          What do you make?: poster, 2011 Feb

          What do you make?: poster - digital, 2011 Feb.

          Whoop Dee Do: Video, 1996

          Winnie the Pooh, 1962 Mar.

          Winnie the Pooh (Children’s theater): photographs, 1962

          Xingu, 1959

          The Young and the Fair, 1960 Feb.

          You’re a good man Charlie Brown, 1990

          You’re a good man Charlie Brown: Photographs, 1990

          You’re a good man Charlie Brown, 2011 Feb.

          You’re a good man Charlie Brown: poster - digital, 2011 Feb.

          You can’t take it with you, 1972?

          You can’t take it with you, 1991 Feb.

          You can’t take it with you, 2001 Mar.

          You can’t take it with you: DVD, 2001 Mar.


7b       One Act Play Festival: posters, n.d.

           One Act Play Festival (3rd.), 2010 Dec.

           One Act Play Festival (3rd.): photographs CD, 2010 Dec.

           One Act Play Festival (3rd.): poster, 2010 Dec.

           One Act Play Festival: poster, 2012


7b       Ejercicio a Constantino [Prometeo], 1976

           Home sweet funeral home, 2012

           Mimic Theater Company, 1977, 1988

           Mimic Theater in Concerto: poster, 1976 Dec.?

           The Ruth Foreman Theatre, 1988-89


Theater Collection (Oversize)

7c       Posters

7d       Scrapbook


V. Administrative Information

Acquisition information:

Access Restriction: This collection is open for research

Processed by: Ximena Valdivia, 2012. Revised and updated with assistance of student volunteer Michael Markowitz, 2015.

Preferred Citation: Barry University Theater Collection, Barry University Archives and Special Collections, Miami Shores, Florida.

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