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PHO 421 / PHO 521 - History of Photography, Film and Art: Videos / Image Collections

This Guide presents Library resources to assist you in finding articles and information for PHO 421 / PHO 521

Streaming Video Collections

Hockney on Photography


World of Ideas: Susan Sontag (Segment)

World of Ideas: Susan Sontag

The late Susan Sontag was not a photographer, yet her famous book On Photography is required reading in almost every serious photography course in the world. Her novels and nonfiction books such as Illness as a Metaphor have been translated into a score of languages. And she also wrote and directed films and plays. In this program, the renowned writer and human rights activist talks with Bill Moyers about Regarding the Pain of Others, her book on war and how the images of war affect people's perception of reality, and other aspects of her life and career. (complete title: 49 minutes)

Segment below From World if Ideas is "Pictures of War in Media"

Sontag believes that most pictures of war in media should not be allowed. The moral situation of photographers is a very painful one and many talk about the anguish of photographing horrific events. (04:47)