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8 School of Business: Container List

Container List

Box Title

Series I: Administrative Files

1    School general information

      Sr. Judith Shield papers, 1966-1982

      Accreditation, 1994-

      Annual report, 1991-92


      BICED, 2009-

      Executive Council of the School of Business, 1982-86

      Executive MBA Council, 1992-93

      Executive MBA Alumni Association, 1991

      Faculty advising manual, 1986

      Faculty development committee, 1994-95

      Faculty minutes of meetings, 1978-91

      Faculty minutes of meetings, 1991-1994

      Faculty news

2    Miscellaneous, 1997-

      Policy manual, 1980-81

      Sculpture “The Entrepreneur”

      Self-Evaluation Report, 2002

      Self-Evaluation Report: Appendix, 2002

      Self-Evaluation Report: Executive Summary, 2002

      Self-Study reports, 1971-1982

      Strategic plan, 1983

      Students’ news, 2002-


Series II: Events

3    General events

      Business Conference, 1978-1982

      Distinguished Lecture Luncheon, 1985-1993

      Executive Leadership Forum, 2009-

      Holiday party, 191985-1993

      Open House, 1989-

      XMBA guest speakers

      Workshops, 1992-1994


Series III: Academic Programs

4    General academic programs

      Postgraduate program, 1994

      Punta Gorda, FL. MBA program, 1991-922

      Southwest Florida XMBA program, 1990-91

      Stuart, Treasure Coast, FL. MBA program: Class of 1993

      Stuart, Treasure Coast, FL. MBA program: Class of 1994

      Secretarial Science Certificate, 1942-1968

      Homestead Air Force Base AMB program

      MBA Program

      Executive MBA program

      Exec. MBA syllabi

      Exec. MBA special topics courses

      Exec. MBA standards for excellence

      Exec. MBA registration procedures

      Exec. MBA tuition and fees

5    Exec. MBA exam

      Exec. MBA miscellaneous

      Exec. MBA weekend, 1988-1994

6    Orientation Executive MBA Camp, 1993

      Executive MBA Camp, 1985-1997

7    International Business programs, 1993

      Jamaica XMBA, 1991-2000


Series IV: Publications

8    Business update

      The leader

      Protecting your financial future: a sourcebook for budgeting, lending..., 2010


Series V: Publicity

8    Brochures

      Promotional items

9    Memorabilia

      Barry University Management Simulation Award, 1990

      The Jamaica/Barry Connection by the Executive MBA Classes of 1992 & '93

      BU XMBA program as seen in…, 1985

      Executive MBA Class of 1992

      We did it!!! T-Shirt (AACSB International accredited)

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