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SOC 307 - Race and Ethnicity: eVideos

Films on demand Collection

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Struggle With Racial Paradigm

A black author recites his writing about the experience of seeing his son born and feeling the cloud of race along with other emotions. Another man talks about facing a racial paradigm of black failure, which he had to fight against internalizing.     View Video.

Rodriguez on Ethnicity

The soul of Mexico has much to teach America, especially about death. Rodriquez believes the ethnic movement denies people relationships and leads to the xenophobic exertion of separateness. 

View Video.

Racial Identity

Thinkers talk about racial identity, how people in society interpret racial differences, and confusion over how to discuss these issues. View Video.

Impact of Race

People of various races talk about experiences growing up in LA. Race is a social construction whose impact is nevertheless real, according to a professor, while an expert says resistance to difference is the real problem. View Video.

Race as a Concept

The concept of race is to justify racial supremacy, one interviewee says, but we cannot escape the concept just by renouncing supremacy, another says. Race is a mental slavery, says another. View Video.