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SOC 307 - Race and Ethnicity: Finding Articles


The following databases will provide you with the relevant information needed to complete your assignment. 

Database Search Guides

If you need additional help to know how to search the databases in an efficient and effective manner, the search guides listed below will help to guide you in navigating the databases:

Google Scholar

Yes, scholarly articles are also available in Google.  However, the full text is not freely available for all the articles.  A few are free, and if the article is available in any of the Barry databases, this link (Full-Text @ Barry Library) will provide access to the full text.  Note: searching must be done through the Barry server in order to be linked to the full text.

 If you are off campus, and not searching through the Barry server:

  • Go to Google Scholar 
  • Click on Scholar Preferences
  • Type Barry University in the search window:
    Library Links
  • Click on Find Library
  • Check the box next to Barry University
  • This will allow you to link to the Barry University Library datababes if the full text of the article is available.

Click on this link to use Advanced Search


Google Scholar Search