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SOC 200: Intro. to Sociology (Professor Konczal): What is Sociology?


Sociology as a discipline emerged in Latin America during the mid-twentieth century, but contributions to sociological issues and concerns are as old as Latin American civilizations...Read More.

Sociology Defined -Segment 2 (01:54)

What is Sociology? Segment 1 (10:35)

The Birth of Sociology (30 Mins.)

The History of Sociology: The North American Perspective

All histories are written from a particular perspective, time, and place, and are therefore partial and incomplete. To paraphrase Albion Small (1916:721-22), the history of sociology has less to do with facts....Read More.

The History of Sociology: Introduction -Segment 1 (02:22)

Origins of Sociology -Segment 1 (04:03)