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Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh Papers: Container List 2







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Series II: Works by BOW

Sub-series F: Works by BOW

Box                 Folder title

39        Bibliography

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                        See also The world refugee situation 1992

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                        See also Respect life

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                 See also Recollections on creation of Archdiocese of Miami, 1983

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                        See also A new way to handle death

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                  See also Reflections on the Evolution of a multicultural church: 1958-1991

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                        See also Hospice

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                 See also Accreditation of Florida’s Child Welfare Services: an idea whose…

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                        See also A many-splendored people=Un pueblo de colores

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44        Respect life, 1983

                        See also Death penalty for poor only

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44        Sanctuary: a biblical solution to a modern dilemma, 1985

44        Sanctuary: a biblical solution to a modern dilemma (Charities USA), 1985

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             Talk at Clergy Conference on Spanish Speaking Apostolate, St. Rose of Lima Church..., 1962

                  See Speech: Clergy Conference on Spanish Speaking Apostolate, 1962 Jun

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46        Testimony: US Commission on Civil Rights. Racial and Ethnic tensions..., 1995

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46        Testimony:  US Congress. House. Sub-Committee on Housing and Memorial..., 1993

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46        Testimony: US Congress. House. Sub-Committee on Immigration, Refugees and...., 1989

46        Testimony: US Congress. Senate. Sub-Committee on the Cuban Refugees, 1961

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46        U.S. immigration and refugee policy-issues and consideration, 1983

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46        A victory for Haitians, 1980

46        A victory for Haitians (In: Miami Herald), 1980

46        The vocation of every Christian, 1991

46        What is a Social Worker, 1961

46        The world refugee situation 1991, 1991 Aug.

46        The world refugee situation 1992, 1992 Feb.

                See also 18 million refugees demand world attention

46        Wright wrong on Vatican (The Miami News), 1983

46        Wright wrong on Vatican, 1983 May 13


Sub-series G: School papers by BOW

 Box                 Folder title

47        18th Century Cuban Exile in Florida, 1971

47        The Argentine Military and the fall of Peron, 1972

47        Catholicism and modernization in Chile: a review, 1972

47        Comparative Social Institutions, 1973

47        A comparative study in achievement orientation among a group of unaccompanied Cuban..., 1972

47        Cuban Refugee Children: the origins of Operation “Pedro Pan,” 1970

47        Cuban Refugee Children: the origins of Operation “Pedro Pan”- draft, 1970

47        Dissertation: typed draft, 1984

47        Dissertation: ms. Draft, 1981

47        The economic teachings of Medellin in the light of St. Thomas Aquinas, 1975

47        Ethics, Morality, and Racism, 1973

48        A recent view of “Outside the Church no Salvation”, 1954 [Dissertation]

48        Research proposal: [Barry College School of Social Work], 1971

48        A study in achievement orientation and relate variables among young adults who came to the U.S. as unaccompanied..., 1972

48        A training project for Latin American grass roots leaders in Miami, 1984?

48        The Weber Thesis and development: a review, 1971

Container List: Series III, pt.2

Sub-series H: Works by others

Box                 Folder title

49        Accepting the immigration challenge: the President’s report on immigration, 1994

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