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Monsignor Bryan O. Walsh Papers: Awards


Harvard University. Program for Hospital Trustees, 1979


Certificates & Diplomas

American Orthopsychiatric Association. Certificate, 1990

American Red Cross. [Certificate], 1985

American Society for Public Administration. Certificate of Appreciation, 1980

Apostolic Blessing, 1979

Association Interamericana de Hombres de Empresa, Committed de Juventud. Fountain of Youth Award, 1996

Barry University. Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa, 1992

Casa Cuba [et al.] Caracas, Venezuela. Diploma de Reconocimiento, 1986

Catholic Charities USA. [Certificate] 40 years of service and advocacy, 1996

Citizens of Dade County & Sholem Lodge. Dade County Outstanding Citizens Award, 1979

City of Miami Beach Proclamation, 1996

City of Miami Proclamation, 1979

City of Miami Proclamation, 1990

City of Miami Proclamation, 1997

Colegio Nacional de Periodistas de la Republica de Cuba (en el exilio). [Certificate] Miembro de Honor, 1964

Co-operation North. Maracycle - Certificate of Completion, 1990

Co-operation North. Maracycle - Certificate of Merit, 1984

Cruzada Educativa Cubana. Diploma de Honor Juan J. Remos, 1972

Dade County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. [Certificate], 1993

Encuentros Familiares, Marresa Retreat House. [Certificate] 40 anos dedicado servicio a The Catholic Community Services, 1994

Equestris Sancti Sepulcri Hierosolymitani. [Certificate], 1993

Equestris Sancti Sepulcri Hierosolymitani. [Certificate], 1994

Gran Bahama Club Flying. Citation, 1959

Haitian-American Community Association of Dade. Honor, 1985

Harvard University Executive Programs in Health Policy and Management School of Public Health. [Certificate], 1979

Ireland. Dept. of Education. Certificate, 1948

Jessie Ball DuPont Fund Award, Jacksonville, Fla., 1996

Joannes Paulus II, Pont. Max. Pronotarium Apostolicum Supra Numerum, 1995

Kiwanis Club of Little Havana. [Certificate] Help and compassion to Cuban Youth, n.d.

Mercy College, NY. Doctor of Humane Letters Honoris Causa, 1979

Metropolitan Dade County Proclamation, 1978

Metropolitan Dade County Proclamation, 1997

Miami Coalitions for a Safe and Drug-Free Community. Certificate of Appreciation, 1994

The Miami Herald. Spirit of Excellence, 1985

Movimiento Cubano de Liberacion, Caracas, Venezuela. Pergamino, 1986

Muchachitas de Villa Maria. Certificate, 1987

National Conference of Catholic Charities, Board of Trustees. [Certificate] outstanding

leadership, 1983

Nova Law Review. Certificate of Recognition, 1984

Pontifical North American College, Rome, Italy. Certificate, 1982

Project Freedom ’78. Certificate, 1979

Public Health Trust of Dade County, Florida. Certificate of Appointment, 1973

Red Ribbon, Dade County Council. Community Leadership Award, 1992

Refugee Voices Inc. Mickey Leland Award, 1996

Sail Ireland Captain’s Club. Certificate, n.d.

St. Mary’s Seminary, Baltimore, Md. [Licenciate Diploma], 1954

Santissimus Dominus Noster Joannes P.P. XXIII. [Certificate], 1962

SER – Jobs for progress.[Award], 1996

Sodality of Jt. John Berchmans. [Certificate] Membership, n.d.

St. George Emblem, 1978

St. Mary’s Seminary and University, Baltimore, Md. Diploma, BA in Sacra Theologia, 1952

St. Thomas University. Doctor of Humane Letters Honoris Causa, 1996

Summus Pontifex Joannes Paulus II. [Certificate] Pontificii Consili “Cor Unum”, 1984

Testimonio de Peregrinacion [to Jerusalem], 1998?

Third Century USA. Certificate of Appreciation, 1976

United States Information Agency. Award of Outstanding Service, 1996

Universidad Catolica de Puerto Rico. Doctor en Teologia Honoris causa, 1979

University of Miami. Division of Continuing Education. Certificate, 1970

University of Miami. Doctor of Humanities, Honoris Causa, 1987

University of Northern Colorado. [Diploma] Master of Arts, 1974

YMCA. Diploma de Gratitud, 1967



A nuestro querido Father de sus Hijos de St. Raphael’s. [Plaque], n.d.

American Immigration Lawyers Association, South Florida Chapter. [Plaque], n.d.

American Red Cross. Humanitarian of the Year, 1992

Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’rith, Florida Regional Board. [Plaque] Outstanding

Leadership, 1982

Belen Jesuit Preparatory School. [Plaque] as Member of the Board of Advisors, 1993

Beta Beta Lambda Chapter. Community Service Award, 1980

Big Brothers of Greater Miami. [Plaque], n.d.

Cathedral of St. Mary. [Plaque] 34 years of loving service, 1988

Catholic Community Service Advisory Board. [Plaque], 1995 Jun.

Catholic Community Services, Archdiocese of Miami. [Plaque], 1985

Catholic Health and Rehabilitation Foundation. [Plaque] Award In Special Appreciation, 1987

Catholic Health and Rehabilitation Services, Arch. Of Miami. [Plaque] 7 years of loving service, 1986

Catholic Health Services, Catholic Housing Management. [Plaque], 1997

Catholic Home for Children, Catholic Community Services. [Plaque] Guardian Angel, 1993

Catholic Spanish Center, Ladies Auxiliary. [Plaque], 1973

Centro Hispanico Catolico, Damas Auxiliares. [Plaque], 1985

Centro Hispanico Catolico, Damas Auxiliares. [Plaque] en sus Bodas de Plata con la

Iglesia, 1979

Children of Pedro Pan. [Plaque] Fathers Day, 1991

Christian Brothers University. The Bishop Carroll T. Dozier Award & Medal, 1995

Cofradia de la Virgen de la Caridad. [Plaque], 1993

Council on Accreditation of Services for Families & Children, Inc. [Plaque], 1986

Council on Accreditation of Services for Families & Children, Inc. [Plaque], 1995

Dade County Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (V.O.A.D.) [Plaque], 1995

Encuentros Familiares. [Plaque] Bodas de Plata sacerdotales, 1979

Facts About Cuban Exiles. Appreciation Award, 1985

Florida Community loan Fund. [Plaque], 2000

Gratitud del exilio cubano. [Plaque], 1996 Sep.

Haitian American Community Association of Dade, Inc. [Plaque], 1978

Haitian-American Community Association of Dade. [Plaque], 2000

Hospice Care of Delaware Inc. [Plaque], 1986

Inter-Faith Agency for Social Justice. [Plaque] Chairman 1969-70, 1970

Metro-Dade Community Relations Board. [Plaque] Leadership, 1984

Metropolitan Dade County. [Plaque], 1996

Miami City Commission. [Plaque], 1978

Miami City Commission. [Plaque], 1995

Miami Coalition for the Homeless.  Service Provider Award, 1993

Miami Council for International Visitors. [Plaque], 1996

Miami Dade Community Action Agency. [Plaque] People Helping People, 1998

Miami Dade Community College, North Campus. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    Community Service Award, 1985

The Miami Herald. Spirit of Excellence Award, 1985

Ministry of Christian Service, Archdiocese of Miami. [Plaque], 1990

Movimiento de Encuentros Familiares. [Plaque], 1974

Movimiento Familiar Cristiano. [Plaque] 40 Aniversario de Ordenacion Sacerdotal, 1994

Muchachos de St. Raphael, 1981

Muchachos de St. Raphael. [Plaque], 1983

NCCJ Clergy Dialogue Group. [Plaque] Chairman, 1984

Operation Pedro Pan Group. [Appreciation Award-40 anniversary of ordination], 1994

Public Health Trust of Dade County, Florida. [Plaque], n.d.

Public Health Trust of Dade County, Florida. [Plaque], 1979

St. Dominic Gardens. [Plaque], 1990

St. Martin de Porres Association. Peace and Unity award, 1988

South Florida Hospital Public Relations Association. [Plaque] Membership, n.d.

Sovereign and Military Order of St. John of Jerusalem and of Malta. [Plaque] Course of First Aid, 1948

Thanks America Committee. [Plaque] Manhood, Leadership and Humanitarian Support, 1986

Thanks America Committee, From your Children. Award, 1986

Tridentine Mass Community, Archdiocese of Miami. [Plaque], 1994 May

Ultimos cubanitos de su programa. [Plaque], 1978

Unicef. [Plaque], 1999

United Way of Dade County. [Plaque] Human Rights, 1996

Unity Council of Miami. Bridge Builder Award, 1996



25 años de Sacerdocio. [Plate], 1979?

Barry University. Presidential Faith and Freedom Award, 2001

Caritas del Peru. Reconocimiento, 1996

Catholic Charities, Archdiocese of Miami. Spirit of Charity Award, 2000

Catholic Charities Legal Services, Archdiocese of Miami. Friend of the Immigrant Award, 2000

Catholic Community Services, Archdiocese of Miami. Honor, 1995

Co-Operation North. Maracycle - [Medal], 1986

Cuban American National Council. Humanitarian Award, 1996

Dade County Medical Association. Distinguished Citizen Award, 1996

EALLAAC. Community Excellence Award Medal, 1979

Great Famine Project. [Award], 1995-2000

Greater Miami United. Alvin E. Guilford Award, 1988

Haitian Health Foundation of South Florida. [Award], 1997

Jackson Memorial Hospital. Memento, 1978

Metropolitan Dade County, Board of County Commissioners. [Award], 1991

National Conference of Catholic Bishops. Archbishop Patrick F. Flores Medal, 1995

National Conference of Christians and Jews. Brotherhood Medal, 1981

St. Vincent the Paul Award, 1995

Southern Dominicans. St. Martin de Porres Award, 1998

Spanish American League Against Discrimination (SALAD), Leadership Award, 1983

Tiger Bay Club, Miami, Fla. [Gift of Appreciation], n.d.

University of Miami School of Nursing, n.d.

Variety Children’s Hospital. Helping Hand Award, 1980

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