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2 SACS: Container List

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Container List

Box                 Title

02/01               Fifth Year Interim Report, 1967

                        Barry College Report to SACS, 1961

02/02               Inventory of Programs and Resources, 1972

                        Self-Study Report, 1972

                        Departmental Self-Study Reports, 1971

                        Report of Purpose Committee, 1971

                        Southern Association Correspondence, 1971-72

                        Report of Visiting Committee, 1972

02/03               Fall 1971 Survey Results

                        Sing-a-Long, 1972

                        Southern Association Manuals

                        Handbook for Institutional Self-Study

                        Manuals of Criteria for Accreditation, 1996, 1998

                        Manuals of Criteria for Accreditation, 1988-1993

                        Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines, 1992-94

02/04               Self-Study, 2001-2003

                        Institutional Profile, 2001-2002

                        Follow-up Plan and Addendum to Self-Study Report, 2003


                        Response to Report of Reaffirmation Committee (08/20/03)

02/05               Proposal for 1991 Self-Study

                        Steering Committee Minutes (03/91-02/93)

                        Educational Self-Study Report, 04/10/92

                        Summary of Evidence, 1992

                        Institutional Self-Study, Fall, 1992

02/06               Report by Reaffirmation Committee, 1993

                        Response to Report of Reaffirmation Committee, 1993

                        Response to substantive Change Committee Report, 1998

02/07               Self-Study, 1992

                        Institutional Response to Self-Study, 1992

02/08               Correspondence 1945-1994 (8 folders)

02/09               Institutional Profiles, 1978-1991 (12 folders)

                        Enrollment Reports, 1967-1968

                        Reaffirmation Committee Report, 1983

                        Evaluator Information 1992

                        Substantive Change Committee/Policy 1988, 1992

                        Substantive Review Committee 1991

                        Fifth Year Report 1988

                        Select  Correspondence/Sr. Jeanne O’Laughlin 1992/94

02/10               Special Study of Barry College, 1947

                        Southern Association Reports, 1945-1969 (11 folders)

                        Summarized Report of Visiting Committee, Nov. 1961

                        Standards Report Prepared for 1961 Evaluation

                        Progress Report from Barry College, 1963-68

02/11               Report of Visiting Team to SACS, 1961

                        Departmental Self-Study Reports, 1970-71

                        Report of Purpose Committee for Self-Study, 1971

                        Corrections to Rough Draft of Visiting Committee Report 1972

                        Correspondence re Visiting Committee Report

                        Report of Visiting Committee, 1972

                        Preliminary Response to Recommendations of Visiting Committee

                        Official Notification of Reaffirmation of Accreditation, 01/08/73

                        SACS Correspondence,1969-71

                        Report of Purpose Committee of Biscayne College, 04/09/71

02/12               Self-Study Report to SACS  by Barry College, Sept. 1961

                        Self-Study Report to SACS by Barry College, Feb. 1972

                        Self-Study Report to SACS by Barry University, Dec. 1982

02/13               Self-Study Report to SACS by Barry University, 1982                   

                        Self-Study Report to SACS by Barry University, 1992

                        Self-Study Report to SACS by Barry University, 2001-2003

02/14               Inventory of Programs and  Resources, 1972

                        Interim Reports 1973-1980 (4 folders)

                        Correspondence (Sister Dorothy Browne) 1972-73

                        Correspondence (Sister Trinita Flood) 1974-78 (3 folders)

                        SACS Newsletter, PROCEEDINGS, 1973-80

02/15               Visit Preparation for 1983 Self-Study

                        Steering Committee Meetings for 1983 Self-Study

                        Correspondence, Progress Reports for 1983 Self-Study

                        Original charts, Exhibits for 1983 Self-Study

                        SACS Report to College Commission, 1983

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