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1 History of Barry University: Adrian Dominican Congregation



Adrian Dominican Sisters Logo

Seal of the Dominican Order

Motherhouse, Adrian, MI

      Madden Hall

    Madden Hall - interior view

    Madden Hall - interior view

   Madden Hall - interior view


          Weber Center


       Roncalli Residence

Statue of Mary, Mother of God

                  Cosmic Walk



     Holy Rosary Chapel

      Holy Rosary Chapel



Records of Adrian Dominican Congregation

I. Overview of the Collection

Title: Records of Adrian Dominican Congregation

Location: 01/36-48

Extent: 13 boxes (6.25 linear ft.)

Language: English


II. Historical note

Founded in 1940, Barry University is sponsored by the Dominican Sisters of Adrian, Michigan. This dynamic religious order emphasizes study, contemplation, preaching, and community; these pillars of their religious life have led them to a vibrant spirituality, vigorous academic pursuits, and a strong commitment to make the world a more just place.

III. The Collection

The collection is organized into two series Barry Dominican Sisters and General Congressional Records.

Barry Dominican Sisters files contain biographical information, newspaper clippings, correspondence, awards and documents about each Adrian Dominican Sister connected to Barry University as staff, faculty or student. These files are arranged in alphabetical order by last name of the baptismal name of the sister.

General Congressional Records contain information about Adrian Dominican congregation, such as mission and history of the congregation, vocational material for recruitment purposes, conferences, and material documenting their work in education, health care and social work.

For preservation purposes, photographs are kept in the Photograph Collection.


IV. Container list:

Series I: Barry Dominican Sisters

Box      Title

36        Barry Sisters (Alphabetical lists)

            Barry Sisters (by year)

            Barry Presidents: Correspondence with Dominicans

            Barry Jubilarians

               Barry Religious vocations, 1940-

               Non-Barry Sisters


37        Albert, Peggy

            Allen, Mary Urban

            Allen, Rose Brendan

            Audretsch, Rose Therese

            Barret, John Norton

            Barry, Gerald

            Barry, Gerald – Honorary degree, U. of Santo Domingo, 1949 May

            Barry, Marie Joseph

            Bath, Mary Laetitia

            Benedetto, Arnold

            Bentz, Marie

            Beuttenmuller, Dorothea

            Bevilaqua, Linda

            Bobola, Beverly

            Bourne, Mary Benita

            Boyle, Rita Cecile

38        Brennan, Eugenia Marie

            Brennan, Mary Anne

            Brennan, Mary Catherine [Thomas Gertrude]

            Browne, Dorothy

            Burke, Jane

            Bruene, Joanetta

            Butler, Beth

            Carter, Michael James

            Cavanaugh, Sara

            Cella, Jean

            Chmara, Marie Siena

            Collins, Mary Alice

            Comiskey, Jean Kathleen

            Coressel, Lucy

            Coston, Carol

            Coulter, Mary

            Deasy, Una

            Diesing, Mary Irene

            Dillon, Patricia

            Donnelly, Kathleen

            Duggan, Helen

            Duwelius, Mary Kay

            Emery, Katharine

            Erd, Mary Ellen

            Esnard, Leonor

            Exworthy, Margaret

            Ezoe, Magdalena

39        Fairbanks, Sara

            Fay, Maureen

            Fitzgerald, Mary Lourdes

            Fleischaker, Mary Frances

            Flood, Trinita

            Flowers, Grace

            Foley, Nadine

            Francoeur, Petronilla

            Franko, Mary Anselm

            Frei, John Karen

            Freiburger, Mary Cleophas

            Freiburger, Mary Cleophas – from Barry Students

            Gass, Barbara

            Gibney, Marie Grace

            Glendenning, Grace Alma

            Goeddeke, Ann Bernard

40        Greene, Gonzaga

            Griffin, Ann Thomas

            Guettler, Rose Germaine

            Hale, Lorraine

            Harrison, Mary Carolyn

            Harrison, Mary Edmund

            Hart, Mary Jane

            Hinds, Claudia

            Hochanadel, Mary Rose

            Honson, Marie

            Horger, Mary Georgita

            Hurley, Marie Carol

            Hurley, Marie Carol – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

            Hurley, Marie Carol – Archdiocese TV Program

            Hurley, Marie Carol – Peace Education Foundation

            Iott, Rose Catherine

            Jackson, Myra

            Jehle, Dorothy

            Jehle, Dorothy, C.V.

            Johnson, Margaret Mary

            Jordan, Marie

            Jordan, Mary Catherine

            Kehoe, Mary Giles

            Kennedy, Marie Martha

            Kennedy, Mary Joseph

            Kettler, Adrian

            Kinney, Cyril Edwin

            Kishpaugh, Mary Jerome

41        Klemm, Jeannine

            Klimek, Mary Aquinata

            Klinkhamer, Marie Carolyn

            Lalonde, Regina Marie

            Lang, Franz

            Lathers, Maureen

            LaVoie, Mary Eulalia

            Leahy, Nora

            LeBlanc, Rose Dominic

            Lenaway, Mary Albert

            Lerro, Gloria

            Lorms, Molly

            Lynch, Margaret Helen

            Mainville, Denise

            Maliga, Irene (Associate)

            Marck, Myra

            Maynard, Thoma

            McDonald, Marie Brigid

            McElroy, Rosemary

            McFayden, Elizabeth

            McGeever, Maura Padraig

            McGill, Mary Margaret

            McGinley, Helen Margaret

            McGowan, Marie

            McKennan, Theodora

            McKeough, Noreen

42        Meyer, Clarisena

            Minten, Grace Ellen

            Mont, Mary William

            Moore, Alice Joseph

            Morman, Marilyn

            Mullins, Mary

            O’Brien, Francis Claire

            O’Callaghan, Marguerite

            O’Connor, Grace Alice

            O’Donnell, Marie Joannes

            O’Laughlin, Jeanne

            Osentoski, Noella

            Pasek, Grace Alexis

            Peña, Rose Monique

            Pety, Mary Aquiline

            Petz, Joan

            Phillips, Maura

43        Piche, Evelyn

            Prendergast, Agnes Cecile

            Raftrey, Mary de Lellis

            Reuter, Grace

            Rice, Eileen F.

            Riley, Maria

            Rissert, Mary Anne

            Scanlon, Elaine

            Schaeffer, Rita

            Schiltz, Mary Damian

            Schmit, Ann Carolyn

            Scott, Arlene

            Sheridan, Jean Marie

            Shield, Judith

            Siemen, Patrricia

            Simmons, Laura

44        Smith, Joseph Margaret

            Soher, Mary

            Spear, Lois

            Stechschulte, Mary Agnes

            Steihm, Marie Claudia

            Sullivan, Julie

            Tindel, Mary

            Van Aken, Jane Anne

            Vath, Loyola

            Villemure, Paul James

            Waldron, Agnes Patrice

            Walsh, Mary Jean

            Walsh, Thomas Mary

            Weber, Genevieve

            Wright, Francis Joseph

            Zemmin, William Anne


Series II: General Congressional records

Box      Title

45        Mission and History


            Accountability reports

            Adrian Dominican Motherhouse, Adrian MI

            Adrian Dominican Motherhouse Archives: outline of records and files

            Adrian Dominican Sisters: Biographical notes

            Adrian Dominican Sisters: Congregational Record Book

46        Adrian Dominican Sisters: Directory

            Adrian Dominican Associates

            Catholic Colleges, non Dominican

            Dominican Charisma


            Dominican Colleges, general

            Dominican Colleges Colloquium

47        Dominican Colleges, Siena Heights University

            Dominican Colleges, St. Dominic College

            Dominican Symposium, 2002-04

            Neylan Commission, 1981-2000

48        Recruitment material

            Works of the Congregation

            Works of the Congregation: Edmonds, WA

            Works of the Congregation: West Palm Beach, Fl.

            Works of the Congregation: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

            Works of the Congregation: Dominican High, Detroit, MI

            Newspaper Clippings


V. Administrative Information

Acquisition Information: Transfer, n.d.

Access Restrictions: This collection is open for research, some restrictions may apply

Processed by: Sister Arnold Benedetto, O.P. Revised by Laura Boloix and Ximena Valdivia, 2012

Preferred Citation: Records of Adrian Dominican Congregation, Barry University Archives and Special Collections, Miami Shores, Florida

Barry Dominican Sisters

        Early Faculty, 1940s


                  Faculty 1940s


            Barry Alumnae 1950s

   Nursing Capping Ceremony 1957


                  Biology 1959

 Natural Health Science, 1962


               Fine Arts, 1960s