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Math and Computer Science: eVideos

This guide aims to help you with your Math and Computer Science research.

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Introduction: What Is Calculus? -Segment 1 (03:22)

Calculus is the mathematics of change; comparisons of algebra and calculus are described and demonstrated. Graphing is briefly reviewed.  View Video.

Elegant Mathematics -Segment 1 (03:36)

Arthur C. Clarke introduces the Mandelbrot set, or M-set, as one of the most beautiful and remarkable discoveries in the history of mathematics and one that will change the way we view the universe.  View Video.

Geometry Versus Algebra -Segment 9 (04:52)

Mandelbrot and Lorenz candidly reflect on the differing views between mathematicians and the influence of important mentors in their lives.  View Video.

The Story of Math Series

Without mathematics, there would be no physics, chemistry, or astronomy. No architecture. No commerce. No accurate maps or precise time-keeping, therefore no dependable long-range navigation. No geometry, statistics, or calculations of any kind. No computers.  View Video.

Nature of Mathematics -Segment 4 (06:29)

Is it possible that mathematics only exists in the human brain, rather than being all encompassing? Sham is a math genius, and his ability is being studied by Michael O'Boyle. Professor Liz Brannon investigates the mathematical ability of lemurs and other primates.  View Video.

The History of Computers - Full Video (28:58)

This program traces the development of the electronic computer, from the valve-based devices of the mid-20th century to the invention of silicon-based technology and through to the manufacture of the first personal computers.   View Video.

Inside a Computer - Full Video (25:21)

Computers: everyone uses them, but how do they actually work? This video goes beyond the desktop and program software to grapple with the system hardware itself.  View Video.

Computer Networks -Segment 3 (03:00)

After the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, the United States created ARPA in response. Innovations include GPS, EXOS exoskeletons, and predator drones. Examine the history of aeronautics since the turn of the 20th century.  View Video.

Computer Coding Lessons -Segment 1 (03:41)

At the Good Shepherd Primary School near Adelaide, students engage with a robot and learn how to program it to perform functions. They will need coding to compete for jobs in the future.  View Video.

Artificial Intelligence: Encyclopedia of Business and Finance(Vol. 1. 3rd ed.)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the branch of computer science and engineering devoted to the creation of intelligent machines and the software to run them. This process is “artificial” because once it is programmed into the machine, it occurs without human intervention....Read More.