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SOC 409 -Research Methodology/Konczal: eVideos

Professor Lisa Konczal

Films On Demand

Doing Sociological Research

Introduction to Sociology: Sociological Theory and Research Methods

Non-Credible Sources Make Research Reports Invalid

Non-credible sources often have just one author, pop-ups, doctored photographs, and changes in font. Researchers should double-check the information, such as dates, with other sources. Non-credible sources also pose dangers for consumers. View Video.

Effective Internet Search: Basic Tools and Advanced Strategies

Internet research falls into three categories: individual facts or data, report or review, and analysis. Before beginning a search, take these steps: 1) analyze the topic, 2) brainstorm, and 3) formulate questions to answer.  View Video.

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Data Analytics - What's the "Big" Idea? (37 Mins.)

Truth Be Told: Sociological Investigation Part of the Series: The Way We Live Series (27 Mins.)

Sociological research and methodology is often the subject of fierce debate among sociologists. The pursuit of objectivity in sociological research, Critical Sociology, and the idea of Sociology as a science...each has transformed the way sociologists approach sociological research. View Video.

Badass Beauty Queen Fighting For Human Rights in China (66 Mins.)

The story behind Miss World contestant Anastasia Lin, using her beauty and brass to stand up against an oppressive juggernaut-- the Chinese communist government. Drama, danger and fear follow Anastasia as she becomes the darling of the human rights community, traveling the globe to bring the world's attention to an increasing list of China's atrocities, including the persecution of prisoners of conscience and live forced organ harvesting.  View Video.

In the Shadows Undocumented Immigration in America (49 Mins.)

This film, a modern day "Grapes of Wrath," follows Jairo and his extended family of undocumented immigrants from their home in Mexico to a dairy farm in the USA in search of a better life and a means to send money home to their struggling families. Along the way, they encounter dangerous border crossing conditions and a run-in with immigration authorities. This film explores why immigration remains an enduring issue for our country.  View Video.