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Psychology: Overview: Psychology

This guide aims to help you with your psychology research.

Psychology/Psychologist (The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology -2nd ed.)

The science which studies behavior and mental processes.  Read More.

Applied Psychology (The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology - 2nd ed.)

The area of psychology in which basic theory and research are applied to the actual problems faced by individuals on a daily basis. Read More.

Cognitive Psychology (The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology - 2nd ed.)

An approach to psychology which focuses on the relationship between cognitive or mental processes and behavior. Read More.

Educational Psychology (The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology - 2nd ed.)

The study of the process of education, e.g., how people, especially children, learn and which teaching methods and materials are most successful. Read More.

Positive Psychology (Encyclopedia of Social Psychology - Vol. 2. )

Positive psychology is the study of the processes and conditions that contribute to optimal functioning and flourishing in human beings. It is the study of positive experiences, positive traits, and positive communities.  Read More.

Social Psychology (Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration - Vol. 2. )

Social psychology is a branch of psychology concerned with the social behavior of human beings, how humans influence and are influenced by each other, and how personal beliefs affect perception and create a subjective reality. Read More.

What Is Psychology? (02:55)

Experts provide definitions of psychology. Cognitive, social, and developmental psychology are branches of study. Psychology looks at individual....View Video.

Cognitive Psychology Segment 9 (01:30)

Cognitive psychology is concerned with how people construct reality from knowledge. It is rooted in Jean Piaget's genetic psychology and also studies cultural patterns outside the psychology field. View Video.

Positive Psychology Segment 1 (03:59)

Positive psychologists focus on people who are generally happy with their lives. This field of study "looks at what is right with the world."  View Video.

Frontiers of Social Psychology Full Video (23:02)

In this program, five eminent social psychologists provide insights on their current work. Barbara Fredrickson discusses her work on harnessing positive emotions; Roy Baumeister discusses thinking about the future; Lisa Feldman Barrett considers brain-based emotion; Carol Dweck describes her work in changing mindsets; and Philip Zimbardo describes his work on preparing for our historic moment..  View Video.