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Psychology: Formulating Search Statements

This guide aims to help you with your psychology research.

Truncation and Wildcard Symbols

Truncation is another way to widen a search, and pick up alternative forms of a particular word.

 Typing the root word and a symbol (usually *, ?, or #) will bring up anything beginning with that root word. Barry Catalog uses *. 

 Symbols may differ according to the database used.


  Comput* = computer, computers, computing , etc.

  Wom#n = woman, women


  M?n  =  man, men


Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators Use To
AND Narrow search and retrieve records with all the words in the search statement. Example: education AND internet.
OR Broaden search and retrieve records with any of the words in the search statement. Example: internet OR "world wide web".

Narrow search and excludes word(s) after Boolean Operator "NOT". Example: internet NOT "world wide web".