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Black History Month 2022: Black Health & Wellness: eVideos

African-American Lifestyle and Health Segment 1 of 10 (02:03)

Dr. Salgo introduces panelists. Dr. Harris explains that traditional African-American foods and genetic factors increase risk for cardiovascular disease.  View Video.

Health Issues of African Americans Segment 5 (01:52)

Pressing health issues facing African Americans today are access to health care, obesity epidemic, and youth violence. Two reasons behind obesity are access to good food and lack of exercise. View Video.

Now Is Our Time: Healthy Living for Black Women 40-55 Full Video (34:18)

In America, black women have statistically high incidences of certain illnesses and conditions. Therefore, as they approach their menopausal years—a time of greater health risks for all women—it is especially important that they focus their attention on wellness. In this program hosted by dancer/celebrity Debbie Allen, several black women talk about their midlife health concerns, while two doctors and a diabetes educator discuss the importance of monitoring for diabetes, heart disease, and cancer; the pros and cons of hormone replacement therapy; and other topics, including the importance of a healthy lifestyle.  View Video.

Race and Psychiatry Full Video (26:44)

The issue of race within psychiatry is most apparent in the psychiatric hospitals and institutions where, as one doctor who appears in this program puts it, "there is an overrepresentation of black people." There is also a problem of misdiagnosis and mistreatment because some medical staff don’t understand why people from different cultures behave contrary to their expectations and therefore consider their behavior dysfunctional. This program looks at the issues of racism in mental health care, and at some black self-help groups that offer alternatives to the conventional psychiatric practices that have failed to meet the needs of the black community.  View Video.

Racial Disparities in Heart Disease Recovery Segment 3 of 10

Panelists cite care and communication inequalities as factors for why African-Americans patients have different health outcomes than patients of other ethnic groups. View Video.

Fighting Back Against Diabetes Segment 6 (04:11)

The Mills family members are genetically predisposed to diabetes, so the parents model good eating and exercise habits for their children. African Americans are at a higher risk for getting diabetes.  View Video.

Infant Mortality Among Poor Blacks Segment 1 of 11 (03:04)

Black babies die at three times the rate of white babies in America. In Memphis, babies most at risk come from neighborhoods of poor black people. Outsiders tend to blame the citizens for their poverty and for the high infant morality.  View Video.

Out of Control: AIDS in Black America Full Video (40:52)

With the final investigative work of journalist Peter Jennings as its cornerstone, this program studies the frightening rise of AIDS among African-Americans—a trend that has been developing for several years, but which has gone largely unnoticed outside the black community. Jennings’ contribution to the program is a candid group discussion he conducted with HIV-positive African-American men in Atlanta.  View Video.

Racial Disparities in Healthcare Segment 4 (02:09)

New studies show that African-American patients, particularly women, are more likely to die from heart disease because healthcare providers aren't delivering the same treatment.  View Video.

Understanding Diversity in the Health Care System Segment 13 (05:02)

Blacks in the United States have suffered racism in health care. Professionals offer useful advice on how to understand clients of African American descent.  View Video.

A Healthy You Video Clip Collection: Eye, Ear, and Teeth Health / Burns, Bites, and Breaks Full Video (24:38)

When considering our overall health, we often think of the sensory systems as less important than, say, our major organs. But what might be seen as peripheral parts of the body are vitally important and need to be cared for. That message comes through clearly in this collection of seven video clips, which range from eye and ear health to burns, stings, and other skin injuries. Bone fractures are also discussed. Each clip averages four minutes in length.  View Video.