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HIS 150 The Meaning of History: Scholarly Journal Databases

An introduction to the discipline of history using as a vehicle the history since 1900 of the twentieth century world. The course, through an emphasis on reading and writing skills, will explore the interrelationship of historical, geographical, political


Databases are electronic indexes or catalogs of published books, journals, journal articles, conference papers, data, etc. The Monsignor William Barry Memorial Library subscribes to nearly 150 electronic databases.

On the Barry Library Homepage, you will find in the center column Databases by Subject and Databases by Title.

Databases by Subject: Here is a list of categories that will help you choose the best databases for your area of study.

Databases by Subject-History & Political Science

Databases by Title: Here you will find links and descriptions of our databases in alphabetical order.

  • Select the first letter in the database name (ex: "E" for ERIC).
  • Scroll through the complete list of databases.

When using Google Scholar through the Library's authentication, the results will indicate whether the item is available at Barry or through open access.

Google Scholar Search

Frequently Used History Databases

Open Access Sources