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PolicyMap: Getting Started

   Transform Data Into Insights.

A US-National web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) used to understand communities. With easy-to-use menus, PolicyMap is a “GIS tool for non-GIS experts”. PolicyMap is for those who need to quickly and easily visualize large amounts of data, often down to the census tract or block group level.

In addition, students and faculty can easily upload and incorporate their data into and leverage it against the thousands of indicators already available in PolicyMap.

PolicyMap Quick Start (4:07)

PolicyMap is a tool for anyone who wished there was an easier way to incorporate the power of data into the decisions you make. It’s fast, efficient, and captures data in visually powerful ways through custom maps, tables, and reports.

PolicyMap has created a 4-minute Quick Start video for those who wish to jump right into PolicyMap. You’ll learn how to search for specific addresses, locations or census tracts, find and add data to your map, and use the identify tool to see the data behind the map.

PolicyMap. (2021, January 28). New Policy Map Quick Start [Video]. Youtube.

Policy Map Support Page

Policy Map Support Page
Here you will find short, easy to follow, animated instructions for every aspect of using this resource. The rest of this guide will provide in-depth information on specific aspects of the database.

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