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Resources for Barry Law students taking the Bankruptcy seminar class or Bankruptcy Clinic, and any law students and lawyers involved with bankruptcy practice

Contact Our Reference Librarians

Barry Law Library Reference Librarians
Main Phone: (321) 206-5700
Schedule a Personal Research Consultation (PERC): 

Jason Murray, JD, MSLS
Tenured Reference Librarian
Associate Professor of Law Library
(321) 206-5725

Cynthia Barnes, JD
Reference Librarian
Assistant Professor of Law Library
(321) 206-5729

Kim Wilson, JD, MSIS
Reference Librarian
Assistant Professor of Law Library
(321) 206-5728

Locating Print and Electronic Bankruptcy Research Resources

  • NOTE: With all publications in the Lexis Advance database, click the icon to access that publication's table of contents.

BOOKS: Library Catalog -- To find a book is in the Barry Law Library, either in print or digital format, check the catalog.  If you know the exact title, try a Title search.  If you're looking for books on a more general topic, such as discovery, try a Keyword search. 

Searching for Law Review and Law Journal Articles on HeinOnline

To access HeinOnline, you must go through the Barry Law Library's A-Z database list:

From off campus, to access many Law Library databases, all users will be prompted to log in with your Barry username (the prefix of your e-mail address) and password.  

  • Click "H" at the top, scroll down to HeinOnline, and click it.
  • Click “Law Journal Library” to get started.  HeinOnline includes dozens of databases, but most often, you'll use Law Journal Library because you're looking for law review and law journal articles.

From here, if you know the citation of an article, you can just enter it in Blue Book format by clicking on the "Citation Navigator" tab near the top left. 

  • If you know the name of a journal, you can just jump to that journal in the alphabetical listings in the main window, and then browse by year and then by individual issue.

If you need to search for keywords or anything else (which is how you’ll probably conduct your searches), click the “Search” tab near the top left, and select “Advanced Search,” which gives you more options than the default Search option.

Now you can search for keywords (like "Chapter 11" and "creditor") in an article title or in the main text or any combinations thereof. 

You can also search by an author’s name if you know an expert on your topic, and you can limit your searches by subject, by date, or by journal title. 

I always start out searching by article title instead of text, because if the key words you’re interested in is in the title, chances are that article is going to be on point.  I also like to sort by “Volume Date Descending” so the results are displayed in reverse chronological order, with the most recent ones at the top of the list.

Once you find the article you want, you can navigate through it one page at a time, or download or print it in PDF format.  

If you ever need any additional help with HeinOnline, just ask any of the Reference Librarians or e-mail, and we will be happy to help you further.  I feel really strongly about this resource, and consider it one of the best in our collection. 

If you don’t get ideal results right away, don’t panic!  So much of research (online and otherwise) is trial and error, trying to get that perfect combination of search terms.