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PSY 308: Professor Des Rosiers: eVideos

Professor Des Rosiers

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Assessing Risk Segment 5 of 5 (05:09)

Longitudinal studies will assess multiple traumas and resilience. PTSD may be influenced by experiences prior to deployment.  View Video.

Helping Children Survive Divorce Segment 11 of 11 (01:14)

When divorce cannot be avoided, finding a support group, therapist, or talking to an understanding adult helps children work through their feelings of anger, sadness, loneliness and guilt.  View Video.

Our Families, Ourselves-Family Violence Full Video (26:41)

A family violence problem of epidemic proportions lurks behind closed doors. Discover how domestic violence impacts everyone in a family and what is being done to assist those who suffer domestic abuse.  View Video.

What Is Psychological Resilience Segment 1 (03:07)

Resilience is the ability to cope with life's challenges, setbacks, stress, and trauma. If one maintains hope, it is possible to survive difficulties and emerge as a stronger person.  View Video.

Resilience Segment 13 (02:00)

Joan Erikson says resilience is the most important quality during the change to the eighth stage of the life cycle. She suggests learning something new.  View Video.

Forensic Psychology Segment 11 (01:50)

Forensic psychology is the study of psychology within the confines of the law. Psychometric instruments are used to help determine a person's ability and personality.  View Video.