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HUM 396: Prof. Spiegel: eVideos

Roots, Rap & Reggae

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Bad Rap - The Lives and Careers of Four Asian-American Rappers (83 mins.)

This award-winning documentary follows the lives and careers of four Asian-American rappers trying to break into hip-hop culture, which often treats them as outsiders. Sharing dynamic live performance footage and revealing interviews, ...View Video.

From Mambo to Hip-Hop: A Bronx Tale Full Video (02:03:38)

From Mambo to Hip-Hop: A Bronx Tale is a documentary that tells a story about the creative life of the South Bronx, beginning with the Puerto Rican migration and the adoption of Cuban rhythms to create the New York salsa sound;  View Video.

Hip Hop Origins Segment 3 (01:42)

In the 1970s, graffiti, rapping and break dancing became mainstays in an emerging New York City subculture. Young dancers show their moves.  View video.

Nobody Knows My Name - Women and Hip Hop (59 mins)

This is a story of women who are connected by their love for hip-hop music. Despite the fact that these talented female artists exist within a culture that revolves around self-expression, the subjects of Rachel Raimist's documentary must struggle ...View Video.

Rap Music's Influence on Politics Segment 7 (03:08)

Bill Moyers proposes the idea that music videos corrupt political discourse. A rap artist and a communications expert discuss the influence of rap music on politics and on involving young people in the political process.  View Video.

Something from Nothing: The Art of Rap - Tracing the Rise and Global Influence of Hip-Hop (112 mins.)

The craft. The history. The power. All these elements of the hip-hop movement are discussed with director Ice-T and the legends he interviews --Afrika Bambaataa, Eminem, Nas, Mos Def, Kanye West, Chuck D, KRS-One, Snoop Dogg,...View Video.

Bruk Out (70 mins.)

Bruk Out! looks deep inside the raw, energetic world of Jamaican Dancehall culture through the eyes of the powerful women at its heart - Dancehall Queens. Often criticized as lewd and aggressively sexual, these daring performers...View Video.

Dancehall Segment 1 (06:57)

The edgy, contemporary style of music has risen in popularity in Jamaica. Jacob Edgar attends a music festival that has a dancehall night.  View Video.

Jamaica: Roots, Rock, Reggae Full Video (25:15)

Music Voyager explores the history of Jamaican music from its African roots to the cusp of the reggae revolution. The team heads to the jungle for an entrancing kumina drumming session with the Akwaaba Drummers that reveals the African ... View Video.

Reggae in a Babylon - The Birth of Urban British Reggae (50 mins.)

In the late 1970's the young, gifted and black generation of Thatcher's Britain fused the Revolutionary zeal of Punk with their Rastafarian roots to create a new sound system that defined their struggle. Reggae was the saviour in their modern...View Video.

Reggae Origins Segment 8 (02:07)

In Jamaica, ska evolved into a fusion of rude boy chant and conscious lyrics—a style pioneered by artists like Dillinger. He sings live in Kingston.  View Video.

The Black Roots of Salsa - Cuban Dance and Music (99 mins.)

Get fascinated by this journey owing to Cuban culture, full of dance and music. In interviews, music- and dance sequences exhibit some of the most important and world famous protagonists of the cultural scene in Cuba, the conversion of Cuban Salsa, Rumba and African tradition until the present era...View Video.