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PSY 283: Professor Des Rosiers: eVideos

Developmental Psychology

Films On Demand Collection

Shame and Conformity Segment 10 (05:10)

Gender differences in temperament and motivation play a role in interests and abilities. Girls show more shame when confronted with failure and are more likely to conform than males are.  View Video.

Zero to Hero: Shyness and Sociability in Children Full Video (01:00:00)

What makes a boy or girl a loner? Can a child’s future social life be predicted in his or her toddler years? How crucial is a sense of humor as children learn to make friends? This program examines the diverse ways and varying degrees of ...  View Video.

Emotional Differences Between Women and Men Segment 1 (04:29)

A group of six people participate in an acting workshop to test theories of gender and emotion, such as whether or not women experience and express more emotion than men.  View Video.

Gender and Empathy Segment 11 (01:54)

Tests on male and female brains show a strong sense of impartial empathy from females and only a partial ability to empathize among males.  View Video.

What Temperament Is Segment 2 (01:30)

Temperament is the behavioral lens through which we view and react to the world. By seven, children begin to form a view of who they are.  View Video.

Temperament Study Segment 5 (10:02)

Neurologists at the Murdoch Children's Research Hospital study personality traits among twins. Temperament development is understood to be genetically based. Differences in identical twins are thought to come from non-shared environmental factors.  View Video.

Understanding Anger: Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy Full Video (27:38)

This attention-getting video delivers basic information about rational emotive behavior therapy, or REBT. The first part of the video introduces REBT through discussion, diagrams, and dramatic vignettes. In the second part, viewers will see..  View Video.

Understanding Social Behavior Segment 12 (02:18)

Adjusting back into society after a traumatic brain injury takes time and patience after leaving the hospital. Continued ongoing support is vital. As time progressed, many friends gave up on Elmore.  View Video.

Persistence Segment 1 (02:00)

Psychologists define creativity as an idea that is novel and meaningful. Animator Chuck Jones found what he was striving for by failing to find the right idea at first.  View Video.