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National Staying Healthy Month: Healthy Lifestyle 2018: eVideos

January 2018

What Is a Healthy Lifestyle? -Segment 3 of 6 (02:17)

Exercise -Segment 2 (03:21

Bicycling to work, walking to lunch, using stairs, and stretching are great daily exercises. Exercising in a group or team provides motivation. Success can be attained by breaking fitness goals into small attainable pieces.  View Video.

Lifelong Physical Activity - Full Video (15:49)

The benefits of regular physical activity from a young age are highlighted in this energetic and informative program. Viewers will hear from Australian Olympic rower Kim Crow and other athletes as they discuss the physical, mental, and social results of fitness and exercise...View Video.

Types of Physical Activity - Full Video (02:03)

Children and adolescents should do at least 60 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity each day. These exercises should include cardio-respiratory (aerobic), muscle-strengthening, and bone-strengthening activities as well as flexibility exercises... View Video.

Defining Yoga -Segment 3 (02:39)

Over centuries, thinkers researched the self, developing logic and epistemology and examining knowledge. Yoga means to unite oneself with the higher self, and join the subject with the object. It strips away sensory perceptions binding us to the material world. View Video.

Breathing Meditation -Segment 4 (02:22)

Studies indicate that meditation may reduce stress hormones and inflammation. Professor Elissa Epel says that meditation can affect rate of aging positively.           View Video.

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Eating Green: Environmentally Friendly Food - Full Video (15:01)

Importance of Good Nutrition -Segment 1 (02:09)

Students are split into groups and asked to develop a project about nutrition and apply it to their lives. Team 3 meets and asks questions about nutrition. Selecting healthy food choices means more energy and self confidence. View Video.

Nutrition and Exercise - Full Video (28:59)

When diabetes forced Yvonne to take her health seriously, she enlisted the help of a registered dietician and started exercising. By looking at Yvonne and others, this program details how the right foods combined with an adequate amount of exercise can help you avoid certain diseases and cope with existing medical conditions...  View Video.

54321+8 Countdown to Your Health - Full Video (24:39)

Using the easy-to-remember countdown format shown in the title, this video outlines a strategy that can help teens and adults stay healthy...View Video.

Obesity in America: A National Crisis - Full Video (02:34:44)


Why have rates of obesity, morbid obesity, and super obesity increased so dramatically since 2000? Backed up by meticulous research, this two-part set is a provocative, thorough investigation into the upsurge of obesity in America... View Video.

Vegetarian Diets Have Benefits -Segment 2 (03:29)

Health benefits of a vegetarian diet include high folic acid, low cholesterol, reduction of osteoporosis, and cancer reducing properties. View Video.