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Doctoral Dissertation/Theses Publication Guidelines: Dept. of Theology & Philosophy

Arrangement of the Manuscript

General Arrangement :

  • Title Page
  • Blank Page
  • Approval Page (provided by the Department; see appendix F for a sample)
  • Acknowledgements and/or Dedication Page (if desired)
  • Table of Contents
  • List of Tables or Figures (if any)
  • Body of Text: Introduction; Chapters; Conclusion
  • Appendices (if any)
  • Bibliography

Note: Appendix referrals are in your Department's Student Handbook

Why Publish Online?

The School of Theology values your dissertation, recognizing and valuing the excellent product of your efforts, the quality of your scholarship, time spent in research, persistent hard work, investigation, discovery, and documentation.


  • The Abstract briefly summarizes the thesis-project and its conclusions.
  • It must be one page, single spaced, with no more than 350 words.


  • Page Numbers do not appear on the Title page through the Acknowledgements page.
  • But, all are included in the pagination of the front matter, (Title page through Abstract).
  • The pages of the Table of Contents through the Abstract are paginated with Roman numerals.
  • The pages of the body of the text through the Bibliography are paginated with Arabic numbers.

Body of the Text

  • The Body of the Text of the thesis-project typically contains anywhere from four to five chapters and is presented with footnotes.
  • Each chapter should be divided into subheadings.
  • Chapters and subheadings should be indicated in the Table of Contents.

Appendices and Bibliography

  • Appendicies provide material relevant, but not necessarily essential to the text.
  • The Bibliography lists the sources used in writing the thesis-project.