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College Success: Orientation to Graduation & Beyond: eVideos

Resources to help you succeed and enjoy the college experience, from orientation to graduation & Beyond!


Setting Goals for College Success (04:01)

Successful college students set specific, measurable, realistic long and short term goals and use time management tools and strategies to manage these goals.

Learning Disabilities Defined (01:32)

Children with learning "differences" have a different way of looking at the world and are of normal or gifted intelligence. Language, academics, motor, or social skills may be affected.

College Success: Writing Tips (04:01)

Tips for good writing include pre-writing or developing an outline, revising draft after stepping away for a time, peer editing, being careful to check spelling beyond what spell-check, and checking for grammatical mistakes. 

Writing Essentials (23:25)

Students who’ve had a hard time with term papers and essay questions may be shocked to learn how much their postgraduation world revolves around writing. This program shows how effective written communication is possible for... View Video.

Strategic Learning (09:55)

This program outlines a concise three-step process for understanding and retaining information. The steps include exposure, review, and practice. Class attendance is stressed for maximum exposure to material...View Video.

Stress Management (09:30)

Stress, when carefully managed, can actually facilitate academic achievement. Reinforced by on-screen lists and a review segment at the end, this program first defines stress and then promotes three core strategies for dealing with it:... View Video.

Notetaking (10:09)

The skills students need to effectively record and learn information presented in class are outlined in this program. Featured is the Cornell Notetaking Method, which stresses organization and prompt review...View Video.

Online Classes (06:48)

Circumstances prevent some people from attending college for face-to-face education. The ability to get online is a lifesaver for them. The flexibility of online classes helps them maintain jobs to support themselves and their families.

Distance Learning (21:58)

Distance learning just might be the perfect option for those who need to update their skills or pursue training for a new career but cannot attend classes full-time. This educational resource illustrates the variety of audio, video,... View Video.

Adult Learning 1: Principles (17:26)

Learning is a lifelong activity. Without realizing it, adults continually learn throughout their lives in an informal way. However as the population ages, and the nature of jobs and work change, educators need to address the perceived barriers... View View.

Adult Learning 2: Styles (16:44)

Learning is part of life. We learn many different things in a variety of ways. For educators, it is all about finding the most effective learning styles for each individual to achieve success in the teaching environment... View Video.

Adult Learning 3: Inclusive Practices (16:34)

In the face of increasing levels of diversity, educators are grappling to create and maintain inclusive learning cultures and environments. As facilitators of learning, we must develop awareness of, and respond to, the diversity of our learners. View Video.

Effective Study Skills (26:47)

Students learn how to achieve academic success by learning the study behaviors that lead to high achievement. This video illustrates the importance of developing good skills in the areas of listening, note taking, and outlining. View Video.

Reading Improvement (11:37)

Reading rate and comprehension can mean the difference between success and failure to students. Three strategies for improving both are presented in this program. The first suggests reading during the day, for short periods in a quiet place,..  View Video.

College Days, College Nights (01:31:11)

Sixteen students search for knowledge, fun, love, sex, and a path to a rewarding career as this documentary tracks them through one academic year at the University of British Columbia. Partying, clubs, and sports compete head-to-head with... View Video.