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PSY 436: Professor Des Rosiers: eVideos

Research Methods & Analysis II

Films On Demand Collection

Canada: A Diverse Culture Full Video (25:29)

Famous for its natural beauty, Canada is underappreciated for its vibrant multiculturalism and racial diversity. This program journeys to Quebec and British Columbia to study social, economic, and cultural issues in those provinces.  View Video.

Acculturation Segment 13 (03:14)

Dreamland represented the chaos, unpredictability, and personal aspect of life. It unified cultures and brought together beliefs and ideas of many kinds. It was like a real-life magazine of life.   View Video.

American Integration: Melting Pot or Salad Bowl? Segment 5 (04:20)

American policies address the issues of immigration but overlook the process of immigrant integration. The traditional concept of the American melting pot is giving way to that of a salad in which immigrants retain more of their cultural heritage.  View Video.

American Pluralism Segment 11 (04:32)

Indian immigrants embrace the celebration of Halloween. Indian parents discuss raising children in an American world.  View Video.