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Plight of African Americans in 1920s (02:53)

By the 1920s, the settlement movement is firmly in place in many northern cities. At least five chapters of the Ku Klux Klan exist in and around Minneapolis. Though many blacks are college educated, they are forced to work in the service... View Video.

Quilts in African-American Culture (03:55)

Quilting is experienced as an art form that transcends the oppression of the African-American lives. View Video.

Personal Stories of Prejudice

African Americans share stories about discrimination. Reverend Taylor preaches about the fractured community.  View Video.

From the Library of Black History: Booker T. Washington Freedom Trail – The Spirit of Black Higher Education Full Video (26:45)

This program from Tony Brown's Journal sets out upon a freedom trail – the Booker T. Washington Freedom Trail – to show how Washington advocated for higher education for African Americans and to find out what's on his trail of iron-willed determination that can be useful to us today.  View Video.

African Americans in American Army

Black soldiers of the 9th and 10th cavalry are veterans of the Indian Wars of the 1870s and 1880s. Lt. John J. Pershing is one of the white officers who leads the...View Video.

New Generation of Black Leaders

Barack Obama rose from the middle class; thus, many poor blacks do not identify with him. Black American history is inscribed in the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. Obama represents a new generation of black leadership. View Video.

Literature Breaks Cultural Barriers

African-American women's literature breaks down barriers created by the news media and segregation and fosters a deeper understanding among people of different backgrounds.    View Video.

Origins of Jazz Segment 3 (03:22)

Early 20th century New Orleans was a melting pot and facilitated a musical cultural exchange. African rhythms and European harmony influenced jazz— traditional Caribbean music and dances, spirituals, work songs, ragtime, blues, creole music, brass, and marching bands. View Video.

African Americans in Entertainment Industry Segment 8 (01:57)

Many African-American athletes, comedians, and musicians appeal to white audiences, and they are used to gather a large market share in the media. However, their popularity does not translate into equality in society. View Video.

The Motown Sound Segment 11 (02:07)

Barry Gordy brought African American music to the mainstream of American culture.  View Video.

A History of the Negro in America Segment 1 (01:19)

School Desegregation in Summerton Segment 3 (03:47)

End of an Era in Civil Rights Movement Segment 20 (01:04)

Banished A History of African American Expulsion (85 Mins.)

African Americans in Wartime (31 Mins.)

Dr. Daniel Hale Williams First Black Heart Surgeon In America (44 Mins.)

First Black Heart Surgeon In America. Daniel Hale Williams was an African-American cardiologist that performed the first successful open heart surgery. He also founded Provident Hospital, the first non-segregated hospital in the U.S. Dr. Williams was an extraordinary man of incredible talent and merit and his exceptional accomplishments are documented with great care in this inspiring program. View Video.