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15 School of Human Performance and Leisure Sciences: Intercollegiate Athletics

Intercollegiate Athletics Records

I. Overview of the Collection

Title: Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Records

Dates: 1984-

Creator: Barry University. Dept. of Intercollegiate Athletics

Location: 15/4-9

Extent: 6 boxes, 17 ring binders (9 linear ft.)

Language: English


II. Historical note

The Department of Intercollegiate Athletics provides students with the opportunity to represent Barry University in amateur, collegiate sport competition against like institutions while pursuing the ultimate goal of completing a college degree. Since 1980's Barry Buccaneer Athletics has won more than seven national championships, three in women's soccer and three in volleyball. In addition, Barry has crowned 183 All-Americans and 181 Academic All-Americans, and has sent numerous teams and individuals to post-season playoffs and national championship competitions. Barry currently competes in 12 intercollegiate sports for men and women. Women's sports include basketball, golf, rowing, soccer, softball, tennis, and volleyball. Men's sports include baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, and tennis.


III. The Collection

The collection includes publicity, flyers, e-mails, and clippings; schedule of games; programs from banquets and luncheons; publications, such as Student-Athlete Handbook, Sporting News and Buc-e-News; honors bestowed upon student athletes, such as Hall of Fame and Wall of Honor; players info cards; national championship publicity; press releases; Media Guides.

There are folders with information, score sheets, and statistics for the following sports: Baseball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Cross-country running, Golf, Rowing, Soccer, Softball, Tennis, and Volleyball


IV. Container list:

Box     Title

Series A: General Information

15-4     Intercollegiate Athletics


Buccaneer Club

Covone, Michael L.

Greenspan, Bud

Head Coaches

Intercollegiate Athletics In memoriam of girls soccer team (Colleen Skelly)

Intercollegiate Athletics Memorabilia

Intercollegiate Athletics National Championships 1988-1991

 Intercollegiate Athletics Schedules 1992


Hall of Fame/Honor Roll

Wall of Honor

Series B: Publications

Box     Title


15-5     Sporting News

Sports News Buc-@-News

Student Athlete Handbook 1995-1996

Student Athlete Handbook 1996-1997

Student Athlete Handbook 1997-1998

Student Athlete Handbook 1999-2000

Student Athlete Handbook 2000-2001

            Student Athlete Handbook 2001-2002

Student Athlete Handbook 2002-2003

            NCAA Journal

            Viewbook, 2010-


Series C: Athletics by Sports

Box                 Title

6 Page  Baseball, 2003

            Baseball-Men: Media Guides, 1996

Baseball Score Sheets, 1993

Baseball: Score Sheets, 2002 Jan.-Mar.

Baseball: Score Sheets, 2002 Apr.-Jun.

            Baseball: Score Sheets, 2003

            Baseball: Score Sheets, 2004

            Basketball Men/Women, 2003-

            Basketball Men’s, 2002

Basketball Men’s: Media Guides, 1999-2001

Basketball Men’s: Score Sheets, 2001

Basketball Men’s: Score Sheets, 2002

            Basketball Men’s: Score Sheets, 2003 Jan.-Mar

Basketball Men’s: Score Sheets, 2003 Nov.-Dec.

            Basketball Men’s: Score Sheets, 2004

Basketball Men’s: Statistics, 2002-

Basketball Women’s, 2001-

Basketball Women’s: Media Guides, 1990-2001

Basketball Women’s: Score Sheets, 2001

Basketball Women’s: Score Sheets, 2002 Jan.-May.

Basketball Women’s: Score Sheets, 2002 Nov.-Dec.

Basketball Women’s: Score Sheets, 2003 Jan.-May

Basketball Women’s: Score Sheets, 2003 Nov.-Dec.

            Basketball Women’s: Score Sheets 2004


Cross-country running 1984

7 page  Golf Men/Women, 2003-

Golf Men/Women: Media Guides, 1999-

Golf Men’s: Score Sheets, 2002

Golf Men’s: Score Sheets, 2003-04

Golf Women’s, 2002-

Golf Women’s: Score Sheets, 2001-02

            Golf Women’s: Score Sheets, 2003-04

Rowing Women’s, 1999-

Rowing Women’s: Media Guides, 1999

Soccer Men/Women, 1999

Soccer Men/Women, 2003-

Soccer Men’s, 1992-

Soccer Men’s: Media Guides, 1989-

Soccer Men’s: Score Sheets, 2001-

Soccer Women’s, 1984

Soccer Women’s: Media Guides, 1988-

Soccer Women’s: Score sheets, 2001-2004

Softball, 1997

Softball: Media Guides, 1993

Softball Score Sheets 1993

Softball: Score Sheets, 2002

            Softball: Score Sheets, 2003 Feb.-Mar. 15

Softball: Score Sheets, 2003 Mar. 16-May

            Softball: Score Sheets, 2004

Tennis Men/Women, 1995

Tennis, Men/Women: Media Guides, 1995

Tennis Men’s: Score sheets, 2003-2004

Tennis Men’s: Statistics, 2001-2002

Tennis Women’s, 2002-

Volleyball, 2003

Volleyball: Media Guides

Volleyball: Score Sheets, 2001-03

Water Ballet, 1946

Unidentified Sports Score Sheets


Series D: Publicity

Box                 Title

 15-8                 Intercollegiate Athletics Flyers 1991-1996

 Intercollegiate Athletics Press Releases 8/1994- 12/1994

 Intercollegiate Athletics Press Releases 1/1995- 4/1995

 Intercollegiate Athletics Press Releases 5/1995- 10/1995

 Intercollegiate Athletics Press Releases 11/1995- 3/1996

 Intercollegiate Athletics Press Releases 4/1996- 1/1997

 Intercollegiate Athletics Press Releases 2/1997- 12/16/1997

 Intercollegiate Athletics Press Releases 2/1998- 4/1999

Intercollegiate Athletics Publicity: E-mail, clippings

15-9                Sports Publicity 1994-95

Newspaper Clippings

Binder1           Player Info Cards by sport, 2002-03

Binder 2          News Release/Sunshine State Conference, 2001 Aug.–2002 May

Binder 3          News Release/Sunshine State Conference, 2003 Aug.-2004 Jul.

Binder 4          Newspaper clippings/Media Releases, 1998-1999

Binder 5          Newspaper clippings/Media Releases 1999 Feb.-May

Binder 6          Newspaper clippings/Media Releases (Basketball, Baseball,

                        Softball, Tennis), 2000-2001

Binder 7          Newspaper clippings/Media Releases (Soccer, Volleyball), 2000

                         Aug.- 2001 Sep.

Binder 8          Newspaper clippings/Media Releases, 2002 Apr.-Mar.

Binder 9          Newspaper clippings/Media Releases, 2001 Sep. – 2002 Mar.

Binder 10        Newspaper clippings/Media Releases, 2002 Sep.-2003 May

Binder 11        Newspaper clippings/Media Releases, 2003 Jul.–2004 May

Binder 12        Men’s Golf National Champions Barry University (NCAA

                          Division 2), 2007

Binder 13        Volleyball National Champions NCAA Division 2, 2001

Binder 14        Volleyball National Champion, South Region Champions -

                          Sunshine State Conference (NCAA Division 2), 2004

Binder 15       Women’s Soccer Team National Champions 1989

Binder 16       Women’s Soccer Team National Champions 1993

Binder 17       Women’s Soccer Articles 1994


V. Administrative Information

Acquisition Information: Transfer, n.d.

Access Restrictions: This collection is open for research

Processed by: Sr. Arnold Benedetto, 2009. Revised by Ximena Valdivia with the assistance of student Steffane Wharton, 2012

Preferred Citation: Department of Intercollegiate Athletics Records, Barry University Archives and Special Collections, Miami Shores, Florida

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