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THE 201: Paper Reference Books

Paper Reference Books






REF   The Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible 1962


440   This four volume encyclopedia has many

.I63  articles on persons, places, and ideas in both

      the Old and New Testament.


REF   The Anchor Bible Dictionary 1992


440   A six volume encyclopedia whose articles

.A54  discuss numerous ideas, persons, places, and

1992  concepts in the Old and New Testament.


Biblical Commentaries


REF     The Expositor's Bible Commentary 1979


491.2   This twelve volume work contains selections

.E96    from the New International Version of the Bible.

        There is detailed analysis of these texts by

        scholars from many Protestant denominations.



REF    The New Interpreter's Bible 1998




       This is a complete Bible, in twelve volumes,

       based upon the King James and Revised Standard

       Version, which includes extensive commentary on the