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SOC 356-Schools & Society: eVideos

Professor Lisa Konczal

Films on Demand Collection

A Struggle for Educational Equality: 1950–1980 - Full Video (55:07)

In the 1950s, America’s public schools teemed with the promise of a new, postwar generation of students, over half of whom would graduate and go on to college. This program shows how impressive gains masked profound inequalities: .... View Video.

Computers and Higher Education -Segment 1 (04:14)

As of 1998, a growing number of colleges and universities make computer ownership mandatory. Many colleges offer courses and degree programs online. View Video.

Educational Monoculture -Segment 5 (04:27)

Women and ethnic minorities have mostly been left out of school textbooks and curriculums. Many children cannot identify with the materials. Multicultural, gender-fair education should be infused in all educational resources. View Video.

Media Influence on School Violence

Experts review one of Harris and Klebold's favorite movies, "Natural Born Killers." TAG brainstorms a preliminary list of motives behind the Columbine High School shooting. The boys were motivated by anger, suicidal feelings, revenge, and fame. View Video.

Function of Education -Segment 12 of 12 (02:38)

Educators should allow children to learn the practical skills of emotional intelligence as they grow up, a natural time for the brain to acquire them.  View Video.

Immigrants and Education -Segment 1 (02:38)

The influx of immigrants in the early 1900s accounts for America's urban growth. Three million immigrant children need schools and are pressured to get good educations.  View Video.

Gifted Children and Home Schooling -Segment 16 (03:32)

Adam, a gifted child, has tired of learning at home He spends time online playing games and getting into trouble. Chess champion Peter has also been home schooled and has no time to interact with other children.  View Video.

Education: International Reputation and Opportunities

Southeast Asia is a hot spot of educational opportunities and potential. International colleges and universities see advantages to opening satellite campuses instead of trying to lure Asian students overseas. View Video.

High School Violence, Anger, and Hate

Kevin broke Carlos' jaw after being harassed, shoved, and spat upon. Now Kevin fears for his safety if he returns to school. The school experiences continued racial violence and intimidation, especially among 11th-grade males. View Video.