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Sociology and Criminology: eVideos

This guide aims to help you with your sociology research.

Streaming Media

Social Theory and Crime Full Video (20:35)

For many criminologists, you can't explain crime just by looking at the characteristics offenders, you also have to consider the role social, cultural & environmental influences. This film brilliantly captures the essence of three of the major social...  View Video.

The History of American Criminal Justice Full Video (36:34)

This program offers a brief history of U.S. criminal justice. It covers such topics as criminal justice in colonial America, the Quakers’ penitentiary, and the development of criminology. The program explains the organization of the U.S. of the ...  View Video.

The History of World Criminal Justice Full Video (32:29)

This program traces the history of world criminal justice from the Code of Hammurabi, through ancient Greece and Rome, to the Middle Ages. It covers such topics as criminal justice in India, China, Japan, and the Middle East; English debtors’ ...  View Video.

Getting Off Easy: White Collar Crime Full Video (40:29)

Even after stealing millions from innocent victims or bilking charities, first-time non-violent offenders are eligible for parole after serving as little as one-sixth of their sentence in Canada. Free to go with what some see as a slap on the... View Video.

International Crimes Segment 1 (02:53)

Benjamin Ferencz advocates for the creation of institutions to deter war crimes. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, a new world order was thought possible.  View Video.

Introducing Sociology Full Video (26:39)

This program is geared to students just starting out in sociology and sets out to make the subject more accessible by illustrating what's meant by a sociological problem, culture, socialization and identity...  View Video.

Obvious Poverty: America's Homeless Full Video (31:45)

Stereotypes tell us it’s easy to spot the homeless—after all, life on the street tends to leave a mark on people. But is a “homeless profile” really meaningful? In today’s economy a man in a business suit might well be living in his car; ...  View Video.

Sociology Defined Segment 2 (01:54)

Sociology is the study of individual actions in terms of the wider society as a whole.  View Video.

The History of Sociology Full Video (31:54)

This program traces the history of sociology through the works of such thinkers as Comte, Marx, Weber, and Mead. It covers major sociological movements and features leading sociologists discussing contemporary social challenges.  View Video.

Core Concepts in Sociology Full Video (37:13)

Sociology, in a nutshell, is about why people behave in the ways that they do, and the key premise is that behavior is shaped by the contexts in which people live. Filmed in Britain and New Guinea, this multi-segment program introduces...  View Video.