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Hispanic Heritage Month 2021: eVideos

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The Latino Americans (SERIES)

This is the first major documentary series for television to chronicle the rich and varied history and experiences of Latinos, who have for the past 500-plus years helped shape wha... View Videos.

Latinos in Entertainment Segment 5 (06:10)

Latinos in the entertainment industry are looking to target as many different Latino groups as possible, but will appeal to all Latinos. However, Individual style is highly appealing...View Video.

Setting the Tone for Acceptance Segment 2 (02:31)

How Latinos came to the United States makes a difference in how they think about the country. Enculturation, access to services, and how they are treated affect the sense of belonging in the country.. View Video.

Juanita Ortiz Segment 4 (01:40)

Ortiz borrowed money to migrate to the mainland U.S.; Puerto Ricans did not need a passport. Many settled in east Harlem, the Latino cultural center of New York...           View Video.

Future of Hispanics in America Segment 8 of 8 (06:02)

Second-generation Hispanics, including entertainers, students, and professionals, discuss their hopes for the future in America. Hispanics see themselves as part of a multicultural world...View Video.

Hispanic Population in America Segment 14 (03:55)

Hispanic people are currently the largest minority in the United States. Over the last 20 years, the conditions in America for people of Hispanic descent have...View Video.

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The Latino Americans Series

Latino Americans is the first major documentary series for television to chronicle the rich and varied history and experiences of Latinos, who have for the past 500-plus years helped shape what is today the United States and have become...View Videos.

Being ñ The Healing of a Latino Generation (38 mins)

Being ñ explores the distinct, shared experience of 16 million people living in the U.S. today called Enyes (ñ)s. Enyes (ñ)s are first generation American-born Latinos with at least one parent from a Spanish -speaking country...View Video.

Precious Knowledge Fighting for Mexican American Studies in Arizona Schools (70 mins)

Reports from the frontlines of one of the most contentious battles in public education in recent memory, the fight over Mexican American studies programs in Arizona public schools. The film interweaves the stories of several students enrolled...View Video.

No Place To Grow (28 mins)

Follows a group of Latino farmers who find themselves representing a movement to save the last green space centered within a neighborhood facing gentrification. Over time we find out what happens when migrated farming traditions intersect...View Video.

Boys: "The Graduates/Los Graduados" (54 mins)

"Boys" gives us three more teenagers who are just as distinct: Juan, a Dominican living in Lawrence, Massachusetts who was bullied as a gay teen until finding his own identity as a performer and writer; Eduardo from San Diego, who is steered away...View Video.

Cuban Roots/Bronx Stories (57 mins)

Highlights the historical journey of an Afro-Cuban-American family, from Jamaica, to Cuba, to the Bronx, revealing that the Cuban-American experience is more diverse, racially and ideologically, than we are often led to believe. Diana, Ruben...View Video.