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Evaluating News/Stories/Websites: Videos

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Fake News History Segment 1 of 5 (04:02)

The internet allows people instant access to news and information, and the ability to share them quickly. Fake news has been occurring since the invention of the printing press and has considerable impact on society. Examples include: George Washington, slavery, anti-Catholicism, and Nazi propaganda...View Video.

Ask the Experts Segment 3 of 5 (03:57)

Ask an expert if you are unsure about the legitimacy of an article or news source. Fact checkers help distinguish whether trending topics are real news or sensationalism. Librarians can help you check validity...View Video.

How to Recognize Fake News Series

Digital Disconnect - Fake News, Privacy and Democracy (65 mins.)

In this era of Facebook privacy breaches, "fake news" and filter bubbles, the essential film DIGITAL DISCONNECT trains its sights on the relationship between the internet and democracy...Read More.

How to Spot Fake News - (03:22 mins)

How To Evaluate a Website's Citation Credibility -

How To Choose your News(4.48 mins.)

Why people fall for misinformation (5:15 mins.)