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Resources for Law Journal Staff:

What is is a service that helps scholars, courts, and others create web citation links that will never break. prevents link rot.

The Law Library has an institutional account and created separate accounts for Barry Law Review, Child & Family Law Journal, and Environmental & Earth Law Journal. The Editorial Board is responsible for determining which members will have access to the account and will notify the library. The library will add each user to the appropriate account.

How to Use

To Create a Perma Link:

1. Log in to (

2. Enter the URL of the site you want to preserve.

3. Select your journal in the affiliated with dropdown menu.

4. Click Create Perma Link. This brings you to the newly created Perma archive.

The Blue Book recommends including both the Perma Link and original URL in the citation.

Charles P. Pierce, This Cannot Be the Way Occupy Ends, ESQUIRE: Pol. Blog (Nov. 17, 2011), archived at

Any questions, contact the law library for assistance.