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Death Penalty Seminar: Issues in Capital Punishment: Statutes

This guide is provided by The Euliano Law Library to assist students of LAW-6518 Death Penalty Seminar: Issues in Capital Punishment in beginning their research.

Historical & Legislative Documents



  • ProQuest Congressional (access through Barry Law Library Databases page; scroll down to choose ProQuest Congressional
    This is the easiest way to find a Congressional committee report, hearing transcript, or Congressional Record pages. 

Selected State Statutes

Below are the primary crime and/or criminal procedure sections regarding the death penalty for selected states. Please note that there may be additional state statutes concerning the death penalty that are not listed here.


Alabama Code §13A-5-39

Link to the Code's table of contents; Title 13A is the Criminal Code, Article 2 is Death Penalty and Life Imprisonment Without Parole.


California Penal Code §§190

Florida Statutes, §775.081 & .082

Georgia Code, §17-10-30

Free public access provided by LexisNexis. Go to Title 17 Criminal Procedure and click the + to expand; then select Chapter 10, then Article 2: Death Penalty Generally, and look for section 17-10-30.

Louisiana Revised Statutes, §14:30

Mississippi Code of 1972 Unannotated, §97-3-21

Free public access provided by LexisNexis. Go to Title 97 Crimes and click the + to expand; then select Chapter 3 Crimes Against the Person, and look for section 97-3-21.

North Carolina, §14-17

Ohio Revised Code, §2929.02 Murder Penalties

Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, Title 18 §1102

Tennessee Code Annotated, §39-13-202

Free public access provided by LexisNexis. Go to Title 39 Criminal Offenses and click the + to expand; then select Chapter 13 Offenses Against the Person, and look for section 39-3-202.

Texas Penal Code, §12.31

Code of Virginia, §18.2-10

See also §18.2-31, listing and describing the categories of homicide to which the Virginia death penalty applies.

50 State Statutory Survey: Death Penalty

A Survey of Death Penalty Statutes by State

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