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Resources for Law Journal Staff: Correct Citation Form

The Bluebook

The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015), RESERVE KF245 .B58 2015

Several copies are on reserve.
Also available in an online subscription at and as an app for your iPhone or iPad at

A few citation tips appear on this site and are called Blue Tips

Correct Citation Form

Peter W. Martin, Introduction to Basic Legal Citation (2016) Online and available for free, this resource includes an in-depth discussion of how to cite according to The Bluebook.

Mary Miles Prince, Prince’s Dictionary of Legal Citations (8th ed. 2011), REFERENCE SECTION, KF246 .P73 2011 Alphabetically lists legal sources and provides their abbreviations and examples of how to cite them according to The Bluebook.

Diane E. Anthon, The Bluebook Uncovered: A Practical Guide to Mastering Legal Citation (2015), RESERVE, KF245 .A57 2015

Linda J. Barris, Understanding and Mastering The Bluebook: A Guide for Students and Practitioners (2010), RESERVE, KF245 .B37 2010 Explains Bluebook citation in text form with examples.

Deborah E. Bouchoux, Cite-Checker: Your Guide to Using The Bluebook (2011), KF245 .B68 Text-based Bluebook citation guide with examples.

Alan L. Dworsky, User’s Guide to the Bluebook (2015), RESERVE KF245 .D853 2015 A short guide to the most used citation format–meant for practitioners.

Larry L. Teply, Legal Writing Citation in a Nutshell (2008) RESERVE KF245 .T47 2008 Please note that this predates the current edition of The Bluebook.

Interactive Citation Workstation, on LexisNexis.